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IPPB Transactions performed at Branch Post Office (BO) after the Closed Working Hours

IPPB Transactions performed at Branch Post Office (BO) after the closure hours.

This is regarding the reported accounting problems of IPPB transactions which have taken place beyond the counter hours at Branch Post Offices. The transactions took place /entered in the RICT device through CBS/PLI transactions before Day End in Demo Booking App for RICT in Branch Office gets incorporated in the wallet balance and device generated DTR. 

The manual BO daily account is being prepared accordingly for the transactions took place upto the Day End performed by BPM. The late transactions are being incorporated in the next day's BO daily account prepared manually. However, all the IPPB transactions took place in the day till 23:59 will flow into the BO DTR of the same date and gets incorporated in the same day's BO DTR. This is creating problem since the figures reflected in BO DTR does not tally with the manual daily account received from BO or RICT Darpan device generated BO DTR on the same day at the time of submission to BO DTR of the day on the same day.

2. In order to over the problems being faced and to incorporate all the IPPB transactions for the day the following instructions are issued.

1. BO DTR of the previous day next day so that all the transactions of previous day flows into the BODTR. Manual BO Daily account shall be prepared accordingly incorporating ali the IPPB transactions performed on same day.

2, All the IPPB transactions performed by the BPM as well as ABPM in the day (even beyond BO counter hours) shall be accounted for in the day's BO daily account as well as in the RICT DARPAN Device in CBS PLI Transactions on same day of transaction performed before day end.

3. Day End in Demo Booking may be done on the same day or next day (for the previous day).

4. There shall be no too late transactions in respect of IPPB.

5. BO daily account shall be generated through device only after taking into account all the IPPB transactions cf the day (including too late transactions).

6. Manual daily account shall be prepared accounting for all the transactions of IPPB.

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