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    IT Modernization Project 2.0 of Department of Posts (DOP) is allotted with Rs 5785 Crores | Approval of Schemes - Centrally Sponsored Schemes (CSSs) and Central Sector Schemes (CSS) to be continued over the 15th Finance Commission cycle.

     F.No. 01 (01)/PFC-I/2022

    Ministry of Finance

    Department of Expenditure re

    PFC-I Division

    North Block, New Delhi

    Dated: 1st February,2022

    Office Memorandum

    Subject: Approval of Schemes - Centrally Sponsored Schemes (CSSs) and Central Sector Schemes (CSS) to be continued over the 15th Finance Commission cycle.

    This is with reference to approval of Centrally Sponsored Schemes (CSSs) and Central Sector Schemes (CSs) to be continued over the 15th Finance Commission cycle. In this regard, the undersigned is directed to convey that the Cabinet vide its decision dated 19-01-2022 conveyed vide Cabinet Secretariat No. 2/CM/2022(i) dated 28th January, 2022 has approved the schemes listed in the Annexure for their continuation till 31st-03-2026 or till further review, whichever is earlier, subject to adherence to Expenditure Finance Committee's (EFC) recommendations and the financial ceilings etc. as also specified in the Annexure. Further, review may be taken up at any time as approved by the Cabinet Secretary as and when need arises or new facts/finding etc. emerge.

    2. Ministries/ Departments for the schemes listed in Annexure may appropriately formulate the scheme guidelines as per the EFC recommendations. ln all appropriate cases, Ministries / Departments shall ensure the following:

    a. Proper system for monitoring and verification of the progress/proper utilization of benefits.

    b. Targets for physical inspection/verification by Group A/Class I officers 

    c. Digital portal for beneficiaries, preferably a unified portal across schemes, enabling proper identification and monitoring of beneficiaries/benefits. 

    d. In case of CSSs, effective steps must be taken to ensure adherence by states to the approved names of the schemes as mentioned in the Budget etc, documents presented to Parliament.

    3. It is open to Ministries/ Departments to release Press Notes regarding their respective schemes when issuing orders for their continuation as deemed appropriate by them. Any Draft Cabinet Note (DCN) sent by Ministries/ Departments related to these schemes may be considered as disposed of

    4. This issues with the approval of Finance Secretary & Secretary (Expenditure)

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