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Real time flow of information from Postman Mobile App (PMA) to DPMS module of CSI - in respect of articles delivered or having non-delivery remarks

Real time flow of information from Postman Mobile App (PMA)  to DPMS module of CSI in respect of articles delivered or having non-delivery  remarks -  reg.

No: 30-05/2021-D Government of India Ministry of Communications Department of Posts Mail Operations Division Dak Bhawan, New Delhi- 110 001 Dated:  09.11.2021

This is regarding real time flow of information from Postman Mobile App (PMA) to DPMS module of CSI in respect of articles delivered or having non-delivery remarks.

2.         Real-time sharing of the delivery or non-delivery remarks captured through PMA with the addressees/senders  has  been  one  of  the  major  demands  of  the  e-commerce  partners.   The facility is already being provided by other courier companies in the country.   The issue has also been  flagged  by  both  the  Volunteers  groups,  formed  as  per  the  directions  of  Hon'ble  MOC  to identify challenges and opportunities for Parcel Operation & Business.

3.         Presently,  delivery  or non-delivery  remarks captured in the PMA are visible on the India Post's Track & Trace on real time basis.  It has been decided to modify this functionality  in the PMA so that delivery or non-delivery remarks are shared with addressees/senders through SMS on a real time basis.

4.        Final delivery confirmation will, however, continue to be reflected in the Track & Trace of India Post after the Mail Clerk takes the return from Postman in the DPMS.

5.        It is pertinent  to mention the present Rules relating to acceptance  of Postman return by the Mail Clerk as detailed in Rule 183 of the Postal Volume VI (Part I):

"183.  Receipts,   acknowledgements  and  undelivered  articles   taken   from Postmen.—((1) The receipts (Form R.P.-31) and (Form R.P.-54 or R.P.-54 (a)} for the  registered   articles  delivered,   the  undelivered   registered   articles  with  their receipts  and  acknowledgments  (if  any)  and  the  undelivered  unregistered  parcels with receipts in Form R.P.-1 in respect of parcels on which redirection  fee has been charged,  must  be taken  by  the  registration  or  parcel  clerk,  as  the  case  may  be, from  the  postmen  immediately   on  their  return  to  the  office.  In  the  case  of  a registered  article  delivered  to  an  illiterate  addressee,  the  clerk  concerned  should examine its receipt to see that it bears the postman's signature in attestation of the addressee's seal or mark.

(2) The clerk  concerned  should  also  see that the postman's  No.  and  the cause of non-delivery with the date are noted on each article  returned.   Before  placing  any such  article  in  deposit  as  un-claimed,  he  should  satisfy  himself  that  it  is  really undeliverable. If he is not so satisfied, he should send out the article again by some other  postman  or  the  head  postman  and  if  delivery  is  then  effected,  the  matter should be brought to the notice of the postmaster.”

6.         During the monitoring  of PMA, it has been observed that in many  cases, delivery  of the articles are being updated by the delivery staff from the Post Office premises though the articles are delivered to the addressee  much later in the day.  In some instances,  articles  are not even delivered  on the day  of invoice  and  are being  delivered  to the  addressee  on subsequent  days which is a highly irregular practice.

6.1      It  is,  further,  observed  that  PMA  is  not  being  used  properly  and  delivery/non-delivery remarks  are  not  captured  at  the  doorsteps  of  the  addressees.   At  present,  irregularities  in performing delivery/non-delivery scan by delivery  staff is not generating  any complaint  from the customers,  as  the  SMS  is  not  triggered  to  the  customers  at  the  time  of  scan  events  through PMA.   Scan event  i.e. delivery/non-delivery status is only captured  in Track  & Trace report,  as explained above.

7.         Circles are requested to take necessary steps to sensitize the delivery  staff about the  implication   of   real   time   flow   of   information   from   PMA   to   DPMS   module   of CSI.   Incorrect  updation  of  delivery  or  wrong  non-delivery   remarks  may  cause  large number  of  complaints   from  the  customers  due  to  real  time  receipt  of  SMS  by  the customers  based on delivery/non-delivery remarks captured in the PMA.  It  is,  therefore, extremely  important that delivery  staff capture the delivery  scan or non-delivery  remarks at the doorstep of addressees.

8.         The modified  functionality  in the PMA  of sending real time delivery  update  to the addressees/senders will be implemented w.e.f. 1st December, 2021.

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