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Issuance of Digital copy of PLI/RPLI Through DigiLocker | Postal Life Insurance (PLI)/Rural Postal Life Insurance Policies (RPLI) Digital Copy Through DigiLocker

 F.No. 56-O1/2O21-LI Ministry of Communications Department of Posts

(Directorate of Postal Life Insurance). Chanakyapuri P.O. Complex, New Delhi-110021

Office Memorandum Dated:          11th Oct   2021

Sub:   Issuance of Digital  copy of Postal Life Insurance (PLI)/Rural Postal Life Insurance Policies (RPLI) Through DigiLocker.

DigiLocker is an initiative under the Digital India Program by the Government of India where citizens can get authentic documents/certificates in digital format from  original  issuers  of  these  certificates.   Department   of   Posts  intends  to minimize the use of physical documents that will enhance effectiveness of service delivery, making hassle free and friendly services for the citizens.

2.    The  Department  of  Posts  on  the  occasion  of  Azaadi  Ka  Amrit  Mahotsav  is launching  the  digital  version  of  the  Postal  Life  Insurance  policy  bonds  and  is inaugurating  the ‘ePLI bond’ in the digital format which will now be available to eligible   policyholders   through DigiLocker.   By   securely   logging   in   to   the DigLocker  using Aadhaar authentication, the user can download the digital copy of the Policy bond on their mobile phone.

3.   This  electronic  copy  of  PLI  policy  bonds  having  a  digital  signature  in  the DigiLocker  platform is valid  proof  as per the IT Act 2000.  It shall be treated  at par  with  the  original   policy  bond  issued   by  the   Department   of   Posts  for processing all types of Financial & Non-financial requests related to PLI/RPLI.

4   Issuance   of   policy   bond   through   DigiLocker   will   help   the   customers   and Department in following ways: -

4.i      Benefits for the PLI/RPLI customers: -

a.  Insurance  Bond is an important  document  for an insurant  and timely access to insurance  bonds  is  of  critical  importance.  Thus,  providing  digital  PLI/RPLI bonds  through  DigiLocker  would  be  of  significant  convenience  to  customers which  will  help  them  to  store  the  bond  in  a  safer  and  more  secured  manner without any additional cost.

b. The  Policy  Bond  in  digital  format  is available  after  the  purchase  of  Postal  Life Insurance policy from the Post Office or through the India Post website.

c.  The   digitally   signed   copy   of   the   policy   bond   is   available   for   download immediately  after  the  acceptance/approval  of  a  proposal  from  the  DigiLocker mobile application.

d. If the user is holding  multiple  Postal & Rural  Postal  Life Insurance  Policies like Endowment    Assurance,    Anticipated    Endowment    Assurance,    Whole    Life Assurance,  Convertible  Whole  Life Assurance,  Child  Policy, Yugal Suraksha  (in PLI) & Gram Priya (in RPLI), all of them can be downloaded by using the same authentication mechanism.

e.  Many times, the physical copy of the policy bonds is old and the upkeep of it is difficult. Now with a digital copy available in Digilocker, the policyholder will get the benefit of showing digital copy during the maturity claim settlement through the  issued  section  of  the  DigiLocker app.  Similarly,  now  the  policyholder  can show  the  digital  policy  bond  for  any  changes  that  are  required  in  the  policy document like address change, nomination etc.

f.  All the subsequent changes on the policy bonds will be synced to the DigiLocker by the Department  of  Posts servers. Therefore, the policyholder  gets the benefit of always keeping the updated version of the policy bond in digital format in the mobile app.

Benefits to the Department

a. The  Postal Officer  can check the veracity of  the digital  PLI  Policy document  by using a Digi locker QR code reader. Only this app can read the policy details from the QR code which is encrypted.

b. During  the  policy  servicing,  the  Post  office  staff  can  validate  the  digital  copy simply  by  verifying  the  digital  signature  and  scanning  the  encrypted  QR  code embedded  in  the  Policy bond from  within  the issued  section  of  the  DigiLocker app.

c.  This  will  drastically  reduce  the  policyholders'  complaints   regarding  missing policy bonds, issue of duplicate policy bonds etc.

d. The  verifiability  through  the  aadhaar  authentication system,  having  embedded digital  signature  and  encrypted  QR  code  will  reduce  fraudulent   cases  to  a substantial extent.

e.  As the name in digilocker  (which in turn is obtained from Aadhaar) is matched with  that  of  PLI  Policy,  the  Postal  Department  get  the  benefit  of  clean  and identifiable KYC.

Procedure to be followed for downloading/verifying policy bonds in DigiLocker:- -

The Policyholder  after successful authentication using Aadhaar from their mobile app, will enter the policy number. The DigiLocker will match the Policyholder name and date of birth from the Aadhar database with that available  in the Postal Life  Insurance  database.   Upon   a  successful   match,   the  Policy  bond  will   get downloaded  and  will  be  available  in the  issued  documents  section  of  Digilocker mobile app.

6. This  information  may  be  widely  disseminated  among  all  administrative  offices, operational   offices,   and   sales   forces   for   wide   publicity   by   way   of   properly circulating  the instructions,  educating  the officials during  training/workshop held at  different  levels,  sensitizing  the  customers  through  marketing  agents  &  during the  melas  and  inclusion  of  this  information  in  PLI/RPLI  brochures  &  various other advertisements printed/displayed by Circles from time to time.

A list of FAQs (Frequently  Asked Questions) is attached for reference.

This issues with the approval of competent authority.    


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