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Digital PLI/RPLI Bonds FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) | ePLI Bond FAQs | FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) on Digital PLI/RPLI Bonds

 FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) on  Digital PLI/RPLI Bonds

1. Who can download the PLI Policy bond?

All  existing PLI  policyholders can download their digital copy of the PLI  Policy bond using the digilocker app.

2. Can I download Policy bonds that I have purchased in the year 1990 or earlier?


3. Are all policy bonds available in digital format?


4. Is the digital policy bond in the original scanned format?

No,   policy bond is available in digital format

5.  What if I have multiple PLI policies? Can I download them all?

Yes,  a  user  having  multiple  Postal  &  Rural  Postal  Life  Insurance Policies    like    Endowment    Assurance,    Anticipated    Endowment Assurance,     Whole     Life    Assurance,     Convertible     Whole    Life Assurance,  Child Policy, Yugal Suraksha (in PLI) & Gram Priya (in RPLI),  all  of  the policies  can  be  downloaded  by  using  the  same authentication mechanism.

6. Can I also download Rural Postal Life Insurance Policy through Digilocker?

Yes, using the same procedure, RPLI policies in digital format can also be downloaded.

7. Do I need to take the printout after downloading  from digilocker?


8. Why is a digital copy of the policy bond not valid when taken as a printout? 

Digital  copy  is  only  valid  if  presented  in  digital  format  from  the Digilocker  app.  The print  copy  downloaded  from  digilocker  is  not valid proof for verification.

9.         If I have lost the physical copy of the policy bond, is the digital copy valid?


10.        Can I download the PLI policy from the India Post website?

No,    Postal  Life  Insurance  Policy  Bonds  in  the  digital  format  are only available to eligible policyholders  by securely logging in to the Digilocker    app    available    on    Google    and    Apple    App    Store. Alternatively,       one       can       download       from       the       website

11.        Can I use the desktop computer to download the ePLI bond and use it in the post office?

Yes,    the    ePLI    bond    is    available    for    download    by    visiting, however,  the ePLI bond is only valid proof when it  is  presented  to  the  Post  office,  using  the  digilocker  mobile  app from the issued section.

12.       Does the digital policy bond have any expiry date?

No,   it  is  treated at par with the original physical bond during the entire term of the policy.

13.       The Digital copy has the digital signature, what is that?

A     digital    signature     is     an     electronic,     encrypted     stamp     of authentication  on  digital  data.   The  signature   confirms  that  the information  originated  from  the signer  and  has  not  been  altered. The   digital   signature   is   imprinted    in   the   downloaded   policy document by the digilocker with the date and time stamp.

14.       The digital Policy bond has the QR code, what is the purpose?

QR    codes   are   available   on   the   policy   bond   store   information related  to  the  policy  in   an   encrypted   manner.   When  these  QR Codes  are  scanned  by  the  officer  of  the  Department  of  Posts,  the information  related to the Policy bond appears on  the screen.  The purpose  of  the  QR  code  is to  allow  the  Post  office  staff  to  access information instantly without feeding manually

15.  I am not able to read the QR code from the policy bond? Why?

If  the  QR  Code is not readable, it might be due to bad quality of QR Code,  poor resolution of  QR Code, too small size of the QR Code to be  readable  or  placement   of  QR   is  not  proper.  Take  corrective action so that it can be readable. Further, the QR code of PLI  is only readable through the digilocker app.

16. Do I need to have aadhaar seeding with the PLI?

There is no need to update Aadhar in the PLI  database to avail this facility.

17.       Do I need to have a mobile number with the aadhaar to download the PLI policy?

Yes, a mobile number linked with aadhaar is mandatory to link aadhaar to digilocker and then in turn access the PLI  policy.

18.       Is aadhaar mandatory for downloading the PLI Policy from digilocker?

Yes,  it  is  mandatory  to  have  an  aadhaar  for  downloading  the  PLI Policy from digilocker.  However,  it  is  not  mandatory  to seed/have the aadhaar in the PLI database.

19.       Why am I not able to download the PLI policy bond, it says that the name or date of birth is not matching?

Digilocker will match the Policyholder  name and date of birth from the Aadhar  database  with  that  available  on  the  policy  bond  in  the Postal  Life  Insurance  database.      Thus,   it  is  mandatory  for   the policyholder to have the same name and date of birth in the aadhar as  given  in  the  PLI/RPLI  policy  bond  for  downloading  the  digital policy bond.

20.       How many times can I download the digital policy bond from digilocker?

There are no such restrictions. Policyholders can download any number of times the digital policy bond from digilocker.

21.       What if I change the policy details like a nomination, how to get the updated copy of the policy bond?

All   the   subsequent  changes  on  the  policy  bonds  will  be  synced  to the Digi locker by the Department  of  Posts servers.  Therefore,  the policyholder gets the benefit of always keeping the updated version of the policy bond in  digital format by downloading  revised digital policy bonds again through the same mechanism.

22.       Is the Policy bond issued by Digilocker or the Department of Posts?

DigiLocker  is  a  secure  cloud-based  platform  for  storage,  sharing and   verification    of   documents    &   certificates.    Therefore,    the Department  of  Posts in  collaboration  with DIGILOCKER,  National eGovernance Division (NeGD), Ministry of Electronics & IT (MeitY) Government  of  India  using  the  e-platform  services  of  Digilocker, issues the Policy bond to PLI/RPLI policyholders from the database of the Department  of Posts.

23.       Can I use the digital copy for making a loan request against my policy?


24.       Can I show the digital policy bond for any service request changes like address, nomination etc?


25.       Are there any charges for downloading the digital copy of the Policy bond? Or are there any charges for redownloading?

No,   the  service is free of cost

26.       Do I need to bring the physical copy during maturity, or is the digital copy valid?

There is no need to bring the physical copy at the time of maturity. This   ePLI   bonds   having   a   digital   signature   in   the   DigiLocker platform   is  valid  proof   as  per  the  Rule  9A   of   the   Information Technology    (Preservation     and    Retention    of    Information   by Intermediaries  Providing   Digital   Locker   Facilities)   Rules,   aoi6 notified on February 8,  2017 vide GSR. 711(E).  It  shall be treated at  par  with  the  physical  policy  bond  issued  by  the  Department  of Posts for processing all types of Financial & Non-financial requests related to PLI/RPLI.

27.      I have lost/misplaced my physical copy, can I just have the digital copy only?

Yes,  policyholders  can  keep  the  digital  copy  at  his  /her  digilocker mobile app & it shall be treated at par with the physical policy bond issued by the Department  of Posts.

28.      What if my mobile phone where I have downloaded the digital copy got stolen? Can I download it again?

There  are  no  such  restrictions.  Policyholders  can  download  any number  of  times  the  digital  policy  bond  from  digilocker  with  an authentic downloading mechanism using the new mobile app.

29.      How secure is the digital PLI policy?

Digilocker  uses mobile  authentication based  signup  via OTP  (one- time password) for  authenticating users and allowing access to the platform. In  turn, the digilocker validates  the user using a secured aadhaar   database.    PLI    of   the   Department    of    Posts   securely authenticates   the  details  provided  in   digilocker   with   the  policy bond,  and  thereafter issue  the  digital  policy  bond  to  digilocker. This policy bond is then digitally signed and  QR code which in turn is encrypted. Therefore, there is a secured communication protocol between   the   user  request   and   the   presentation   of   the   digitally signed policy bond.

30.       If I am facing a technical issue in downloading, whom to contact?

DigiLocker Helpdesk:

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