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    How to create material in Postal Division (Plant) for indent to PSD (Postal Stores Depot) | Procedure for creating Material to Indent from PSD

     After the implementation of CSI in all post offices in India, now all work is doing in CSI SAP only. If a post office wants to indent some items from PSD, then it has to indent online through SAP. This process is called indent to PSD. 

    The requirement for Indent to PSD Before doing Indent to PSD, you have to maintain/create all the material in your plant or postal division. After maintaining the material in the respective plant, indent can be done to PSD.

    If a post office wants to want to indent from PSD then it firstly has to create all material in the postal division or plant. After creating/maintaining the material in a particular plant or postal division, a post office can indent from PSD for those materials. 

    How to create material in a postal division or Plant Kindly follow the below procedure step by step to create/maintain materials in a particular plant (Postal Division). 

    01. Find material list of a PSD plant ID :- Kindly get the material list available in MB 52 report extracted from PSD Plant ID. 

    02. Open SAP and Enter Tcode- ZMAT_EXT

    03. Enter Material code which you want to create/maintain in your postal division plant. Pick the material number from the extracted report by Tcode MB52. 

    04. Enter your plant ID (Plant ID of your head office) 

    05. Click to execute

    06. Click on √

    07. Enter Plant ID and your storage location 

    08. Click on √  

    09. Click on MRP 1 

    10. Enter/select the value from searcher as shown below at column 1,2,3,4 

    11. Click on MRP 2 and select value as shown below

    12. Click on MRP 3 and select value as shown below 

    13. Click on Accounting 1 then enter/select value as the case applicable for storage 

    14. Click on plant data/stor.2 and enter profit centre and then click on the save button as shown below. 

    15. Message “Material Created “will appear

    “Note: Follow the above procedure for creating the material for all items for which online indent is to be placed to PSD” 

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