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Creation of material and procedure of Indent through SAP in Post Offices to place an Indent to PSD (Postal Stores Depot)

 Creation of material and procedure of Indent through SAP -Reg

I. This office has intent to utilize the SAPICSI technology properly, Hence the entire indent process of all types of forms/stationary from PSD Hubballi is to be carried out through SAP CSD wef 15.09.2021, and in this regard the following procedure may be followed at operative offices/indenting units

1.  All HO/RMS Units should have to create material in their Plant ID.

2. Material list of PSD Hubballi is enclosed in excel sheet for creation of material before scheduled date i.e. 15.09.2021.

3. Once material created in all HORMS Units plant Id. Related HO, SO, RMS units, NSH and BPC can place the indent through SAP. 

4. Procedure for indent placing is enclosed in soft copy in email.

5. Copy of Purchase order of indent placed in SAP have to be sent to this ofñice email id "" or by hard copy duly signed by the Head of the Office.

II. The following points should be ensured by user unit before placing the indent

1. Place indent as per your requirement and entitlement for your office.

2. Make indent in advance at least 30 days before and for next 6 months requirement as per Master Schedule approved by Competent Authority.

3. Avoid directly indent for letter box, cash bags, A4 size papers etc, any other valuable items which require approval of competent authority and if require such items should be routed through concerned Divisional Head.

4. Avoid multiple indents for same item within stipulated period of 06 months.

5. Some forms quantity in PAD, books and in numbers. So refer Base Unit of Measure in enclosed excel sheet before placing indent to avoid heavy/less indent in SAP.

6. Indent should be as per your office requirement and if indent placed more than requirement, this office will report to competent authority for further necessary action including disciplinary action.

III. User units can get information of available of stock of each item in MB52 report by using this office Plant Id ie "KOP?' and material number of item.

It is therefore, requested to communicate to all Divisional offices & RMS Divisions for further communicate to the user units ie HO/SO/RMS/NPH/BPC etc to follow the above guidelines and indent for forms/books/stationery etc. through SAP wef 15.09.2021 and NO manual indent will be entertained after this date.

Enclosures as above

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