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BO Summary Generation Tool useful for Inspecting Authorities | Tool to Generate BO Account in Post Office SAP

 presently MOs are verifying all transactions for all dates with BO journals and BO account during their visits but, they are not checking the same with SAP which is the destination. We are checking BO Journals with BO account and then with SAP only for five days. So to ensure these, a tool devised by me in which BO account can be generated with SAP data. With this, we can easily check with the BO account prepared by BPM. By this, we can do 100 per cent verification. 

Link to download tool 

Folder contains 


2. BOsummary.exe 

3. Officemaster_sample.xlsx 

4. Gl_list_270221.xlsx 

5. BOsummary.mp4 

6. Fagll03_final1.mp4 Procedure 

1. Prepare master data of your Sub Division / Division in the format – Officemaster_sample.xlsx 

2. To install the tool, follow the video - BOSummary.mp4. 

3. After installation, replace the “BOsummary.exe” in the installation folder 

4. To download data from SAP, follow the video – Fagll02_final1.mp4 Changes not included in the video 

1. While generating data in SAP through FAGLL03, the layout name should be “/BOSUMMMOH” Following points to be checked and carried out if any amount shown in column “Difference” in the BO account generated through this tool for reconciliation/tally 1. If any amount figured in column "Difference", then the reason is due to the missing GL details in the application. So you have to compare with the manual BO account and find the missing GL heads. The same should be updated in the tool through “Master ->Add new GL Head” (Correct naming should be followed as told in the video and description) 

2. After updation, you have to redo the process once again from the beginning i.e. From SAP extract (only FAGLL03), by including the new GL head in the extraction. 

3. If the difference shows in paise, omit the difference. Note: Every Sixth day of the month, we have to generate a BO account for the previous month for all BOs under your jurisdiction. The same should be handed over to MOs under acquittane. They have to keep these BO accounts according to BOs. During their visits, they have to compare these BO accounts with the BO account prepared by BPM and after verification, they have to put signature on account of verification and the same should be handed over to you. In case of any discrepancies, we may take action based on the discrepancies noticed by the MOs

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