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Revocation/ review of the role or access or CSI credentials of all employees who are no longer part of the department (DOP)-instructions thereof

Ensuring Data Security: Revoking Access of Departing Employees in India's Postal System. 


In a proactive move towards enhancing data security and preventing unauthorized access, the Department of Posts (DoP) under the Ministry of Communications has issued directives for the revocation and review of system access and credentials of employees who are no longer part of the department. This measure aims to safeguard sensitive information and mitigate potential risks associated with former personnel retaining access privileges.


The initiative follows a recent directive from the PO Division (letter No. 27-09/2020-PO-Part (1) dated 04.06.2024), emphasizing the importance of promptly deactivating or closing access to various system IDs (such as PoS IDs, CSI IDs, Finacle IDs, McCamish IDs, etc.) of retired or deputed employees. The competent authority has mandated that this process be conducted on a monthly basis, ensuring compliance and accountability across all postal circles.

Directive Details

  1. Monthly Deactivation Process: The ADG (PMU) has directed all Head of the Circles to initiate monthly procedures for deactivating or closing access to system IDs belonging to employees who have retired or been deputed from the department. This action is crucial to prevent unauthorized use of departmental systems and to maintain data integrity.

  2. Certification Requirement: Circles are required to furnish a certificate confirming the completion of the deactivation/closure process by the last working day of each month. This certificate serves as documentation of adherence to the established security protocols and procedural compliance.

  3. Coordination and Oversight: The DDG (PO)/DDG (FS) have been tasked with coordinating with postal circles to ensure seamless implementation of the directive. This includes providing necessary support and guidance to facilitate the systematic revocation of access rights as per the stipulated timelines.

Importance of the Initiative

The proactive revocation of access rights for former employees is critical in maintaining the confidentiality and security of sensitive postal data. By preventing unauthorized access, the DoP aims to uphold trust and accountability in its operations, safeguarding against potential misuse or data breaches.


As the Department of Posts moves forward with these stringent security measures, it reinforces its commitment to robust data governance and adherence to best practices in information security management. The monthly review and revocation of system access for departing employees underscore the department's proactive stance in mitigating risks and ensuring the integrity of its operational systems.

Closing Remark

With continuous vigilance and adherence to these directives, the DoP endeavors to set a benchmark in data security within the public sector, demonstrating its readiness to adapt to evolving threats and uphold the highest standards of integrity and accountability.

End of Article

This article highlights the Department of Posts' proactive steps in safeguarding sensitive information through regular revocation of system access for departing employees, thereby strengthening data security and operational integrity across all postal circles.

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