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MTS Exam Revision of Syllabus and Pattern 2024 conducted by Department of Posts (DOP)

Revamped Syllabus for Department of Posts (DOP) Examinations: A Step Towards Streamlining Recruitment. Download Revision of Syllabus and Pattern of examinations conducted by Department of Posts for appointment to the posts of Multi Tasking Staff (MTS) in PDF.

In a recent development aimed at enhancing the efficiency and relevance of its recruitment process, the Department of Posts, Ministry of Communications, Government of India, F.No.17-08/2018-SPN-I has undertaken a significant revision of the syllabus and examination pattern for the posts of Multi Tasking Staff (MTS), Postman, and Mail Guard.

Effective immediately, the Competent Authority has decided to remove the local language test (Paper-III) component from the examination process for the post of MTS. This decision comes as part of ongoing efforts to streamline the recruitment criteria, ensuring a more focused and efficient assessment process tailored to the specific roles within the postal services.

Accordingly, candidates aspiring for the positions of Postman and Mail Guard will continue to undergo the local language test (Paper-III) as per the revised syllabus. This adjustment aims to align the examination requirements more closely with the linguistic responsibilities inherent in these roles, thus maintaining the standard of service excellence expected from the Department of Posts.

For candidates solely interested in the MTS position, this revision offers a streamlined path to certification, eliminating unnecessary examination components and optimizing the assessment process.

This revision marks a progressive step towards modernizing the recruitment framework within the Department of Posts, reflecting its commitment to efficiency, transparency, and relevance in today's competitive job market.

All concerned circles are urged to disseminate this updated information widely among potential applicants and stakeholders, ensuring clarity and adherence to the revised examination guidelines.

This strategic revision underscores the Department of Posts' dedication to fostering a skilled and motivated workforce equipped to meet the evolving demands of postal services across the nation.

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