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Aadhaar Seeding and DBT Campaign in IPPB: Seeds of Success

Seeds of Success: Aadhaar Seeding and DBT Campaign in IPPB

In a bid to empower customers and streamline financial transactions, the Ministry of Communications, Department of Posts, Government of India, has launched the "Seeds of Success" initiative focusing on Aadhaar Seeding and DBT (Direct Benefit Transfer) campaigns. These efforts aim to enhance the accessibility and efficiency of financial services for citizens across the country.

Campaign Details:

  1. Aadhaar Seeding Incentive:

    • Amount: Rs. 10/- per IPPB account.
    • Eligibility: Applicable to IPPB accounts opened on or before 31st March 2024.
    • Objective: Encourage customers to link their Aadhaar with their IPPB accounts, facilitating seamless DBT transactions and enhancing account security.
  2. POSB Linkage Campaign - Milap:

    • Duration: 1st June 2024 to 31st July 2024.
    • Incentive: Rs. 20/- per account for all POSB accounts.
    • Scope: Applies to both old and new POSB accounts.
    • Purpose: Promote online payments for PLI/RPLI, RD, SSA through IPPB accounts linked with POSB accounts, fostering digital financial inclusivity.

Objectives and Benefits:

  • Customer Empowerment: By incentivizing Aadhaar seeding and POSB linkage, the campaign aims to empower customers to manage their financial transactions conveniently.

  • Enhanced Efficiency: Streamlining DBT transfers and online payments through IPPB accounts reduces transactional complexities, ensuring timely disbursements and payments.

  • Operational Collaboration: Calls upon all SPMs (Senior Post Masters) and PAs (Postal Assistants) to actively engage in promoting these initiatives, thereby contributing to the campaign's success.

Action Required:

All SPMs/PAs are encouraged to mobilize efforts and leverage the Milap campaign period effectively. This includes raising awareness, assisting customers with Aadhaar seeding, and facilitating POSB linkage to IPPB accounts for seamless transactions.


The "Seeds of Success" initiative underscores the Department of Posts' commitment to leveraging technology for financial inclusion and customer convenience. By encouraging Aadhaar seeding and facilitating POSB linkage, the campaign aims to foster a digital economy while ensuring efficient delivery of government benefits and financial services.

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