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India Post ePatrika MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions) | Postal MCQs Set 122

India Post e Patrika Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs). Our materials include Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), concise Short Notes, professionally crafted PowerPoint presentations (PPTs), and downloadable PDF documents. Additionally, we provide interactive Quizzes, Online Tests, and Mock Tests to facilitate thorough preparation for postal examinations, including but not limited to LDCE IPO Exam, PS Group B Exam, LGO Exams, and GDS to Postman/MTS/Mail Guard/PA/SA Exams within the postal department.

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1. In order to have a focused attention on booking, processing, transmission and delivery of Mail & Parcel, dedicated units called Mail Monitoring Units (MMUs) have been set up at Directorate, Circle, Region and Division level with effect from _________

A 14th April, 2022

B 16th May, 2022

C 15th June, 2023

D 17th July, 2023




2. India Post e-Patrika is published on ______ basis and is available on India Post Website and Social Media Handles of the Department.

A Monthly

B Quarterly

C Half Yearly

D Bi Monthly




3. Department of Posts participated in the Special Campaign 3.0 from _________ for cleanliness and disposal of pending complaints and appeals

A 2nd October to 31st October 2023

B 01st August to 15th August 2023

C 2nd October to 31st October 2022

D 01st November to 14th November 2022




4. India Post and ___________ signed a bilateral Tracked Packet Agreement on 4th October 2023 on the sidelines of 4th Extra Ordinary Congress of UPU in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, to start Tracked Packet Service.

A ZamPost (Zambia)

B Compost (Cameroon)

C Deutsche Post (Germany)

D Zimbabwe (ZimPost)




5. India Post number of partners for tracked packet service has reached to ________ as on October 2023

A 36

B 29

C 39

D 41




6. More than _______National Flags were distributed to the public through offline and online modes across the Country by DOP during HargharTiranga 2023

A 88.22 lakh

B 1.45 Crore

C 90.45 lakh

D 1.33 Crore



7. India Post and _______Post have signed a bilateral Tracked Packet agreement on 07th June, 2023 to Start International Tracked Packet Service(ITPS)

A Brazil

B France

C Georgia

D Canada




8. Department of Posts constructed ______Layout Post Office at Bengaluru using 3D Concrete Printing technology as a viable low-cost building solution

A Imperial

B Brigade

C Cambridge

D Oxford




9. India Post signed an agreement with __________ to enable sellers using it's platform to export their products through Dak Ghar Niryat Kendra (DNK)facilities in the post offices.

A Shiprocket

B Amazon


D Bharat eMart



10. India Post in collaboration with Army Postal Service and UIDAI started Aadhaar services for Defence personnel. The service will be available to tri-service personnel and their families through _____Field Post Offices in the country

A 28

B 38

C 48

D 58



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