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Compilation of POSB Manual Vol-III - Comprehensive Guide - Special Edition 2024 by Kawal Jit Singh

Comprehensive Guide: Compilation of POSB Manual Vol-III - Special Edition 2024

In the fast-paced realm of financial regulations and governmental schemes, staying abreast of the latest updates is crucial. For those navigating the labyrinth of National (Small) Savings Schemes in India, a beacon of guidance has emerged in the form of the "Compilation of POSB Manual Vol-III - Special Edition 2024."

Authored by the esteemed KAWAL JIT SINGH, retired from the Postal Directorate, New Delhi, this meticulously curated compendium stands as a testament to years of experience and expertise in the domain.

What's Inside?

This exclusive reference, training, and guidebook boast a comprehensive collection of both old and new Acts & Rules governing National (Small) Savings Schemes. It doesn't merely stop at the current schemes but also includes insights into discontinued ones, ensuring a holistic understanding of the landscape.

Legal Validity and Practical Utility

One of the standout features of this publication is its legal validity. The Acts and Rules contained within hold weight in various legal arenas, including court cases, consumer forums, and public grievances. This aspect adds a layer of reliability and trustworthiness to the information presented, making it an indispensable resource for professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Moreover, the inclusion of interest calculation tables for all current and discontinued schemes enhances its practical utility. Post office workers, financial professionals, and anyone dealing with savings schemes can leverage these tables for day-to-day operations, streamlining their workflow and ensuring accuracy.

Special Offer and Ordering Process

To ensure widespread access to this invaluable resource, a special offer has been extended until May 31, 2024. Priced at Rs. 800 (including postage), interested individuals can place their orders conveniently via WhatsApp at 9899998054 or email at Payment can be made through UPI at the provided number, accompanied by the sender's full mailing address, including state, pin code, and mobile number.

Spreading the Word

In the spirit of knowledge-sharing, recipients are encouraged to share this message with friends and well-wishers, amplifying its reach and impact across communities.


The "Compilation of POSB Manual Vol-III - Special Edition 2024" stands as a beacon of knowledge and guidance in the intricate landscape of National (Small) Savings Schemes. Crafted with precision and imbued with legal validity, this publication is a must-have for anyone navigating the nuances of financial regulations in India.

For those seeking clarity, accuracy, and reliability, this compendium serves as a trusted companion on the journey towards financial literacy and compliance.

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