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Applicability of Rule 5 of the Central Civil Services (CCS Revised Pay) Rules, 2016 - clarification

F. No. 02-17 2022 - PAP (Part-1) Ministry of Communications Department of Posts [Establishment Division’P.A.P. Section] Dak Bhawan Sansac Marg New Delni-1 10001 Dated. 20.05.20e4

Sub: Applicability of Rule 5 of the Central Civil Services (Revised Pay) Rules, 2016 - clarification.

Attention of all concerned is drawn to this office letters No. 02-17/2022-PAP dated 07.10.2022 and 31.01.2023 regarding applicability of Rule 5 of the CCS (RP) Rules, 2016 and DoE OM 4-13/I7-IC/E-ll A dated 12.12.2018 for revision of option to come over to revised pay structure of 7th CPC.

2 The matter was taken up with Depanment of Expenditure, Ministry of Finance. DoE vide their ID Note No. 03-03/2018-E.III.A dated 16.04.2024 have, interalia, clarified that:

“the option for fixation of pay in the revised pay structure after the date of notification of the CCS(RP) Rules,2016 i.e. 25.07.2016 on account of promotion/financial up-gradation beyond 25.07.2016 is not in consonance with the provisions of the CCS(RP) Rules 2016, as Rule' 5 of the said Rules provides for option: only. for promotion/upgradation taking place up to 25.07.2016 (date of notification of said rules)."

3. I am. therefore, directed to request you !o decide the similar cases in the Circles in accordance with the clarification of the Department of Expenditure referred to above.

4 This issues with the approval of the competent authority in Suppression of previous letters No. 02-17/2022-PAP dated 07.10.2022 and 31.01.2023 on the subject. The benefit granted on the basis of the aforementioned letters, if any. may, accordingly, be withdrawn.

Yours faithfully,

Ravi Pahwa

Dated phiial 13:08:12 Assistant Director General (GDS/PCC/PAP} Phone — 011-2309619' E-mail-

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