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Revision of norms for Divisional Office Establishment and Inspector Establishment within Postal Sub-Divisions


India Post, one of the oldest communication networks in the country, has been an integral part of India's socio-economic fabric. In a digital era, where communication is increasingly electronic, the need for India Post to adapt and modernize becomes paramount. Recognizing this, the Ministry of Communications, Government of India, has embarked on a journey to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of India Post's operations.

Revamping Norms:

In a recent development, the Ministry has initiated the revision of norms for Divisional Office Establishment and Inspector Establishment within Postal Sub-Divisions. This initiative aims to streamline operations, optimize resources, and improve service delivery. A committee, chaired by the Postmaster General of the N. K. Region, Dharwad, Karnataka Circle, has been formed to oversee this endeavor.

Work Study Initiative:

Central to this effort is the implementation of a comprehensive 'Work Study' program. This program involves meticulous analysis and measurement of various operational aspects across identified Postal Divisions. The goal is to gauge the efficiency and productivity of existing processes accurately.

Scope of Work Study:

The 'Work Study' encompasses a broad spectrum of activities, including clerical functions, analysis of Multi-Tasking Staff (MTS) strength, and evaluation of Divisional Heads' workload. Additionally, it extends to the measurement of file (paper) work handled by Divisional Superintendents and the determination of norms for Sub-Divisional Offices.


The methodology employed in the 'Work Study' is rigorous and data-driven. It involves the compilation of detailed Excel sheets, categorizing tasks, calculating timeframes, and assessing the frequency of activities. Emphasis is placed on accuracy and relevance to ensure the reliability of outcomes.

Ensuring Accuracy and Participation:

To maintain accuracy, each activity is measured at a 'Medium' speed, ensuring practical and logical results. Furthermore, divisions are encouraged to include any justified job activity for examination, fostering a participatory approach in the process.


The initiative to revise norms and conduct a comprehensive 'Work Study' underscores India Post's commitment to modernization and efficiency. By leveraging data-driven insights and embracing contemporary methodologies, India Post aims to enhance its operational capabilities and continue serving the nation effectively in the digital age. This endeavor not only positions India Post as a forward-thinking institution but also reinforces its relevance and importance in India's evolving communication landscape.

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