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DOP Transfer Guidelines 2024 | Post Office Transfer Guidelines and Rules 2024

Streamlining Postal Service Transfers: Embracing Online Solutions

Download Guidelines for transfer to regulate transfers of Group ‘C’ officials, Group ‘B’(Non-Gazetted) officials and Assistant Superintendent of Posts (Group ‘B’ Gazetted)in PDF

In a move towards enhancing efficiency and transparency in postal service transfers, the Ministry of Communications, Department of Posts has issued new guidelines regarding the transfer of Group ‘C’ officials, Group ‘B’(Non-Gazetted) officials, and Assistant Superintendent of Posts (Group ‘B’ Gazetted). With a focus on leveraging technology, these guidelines aim to streamline the transfer process and promote mutual exchanges among employees.

Transition to Online Transfers: The Ministry has introduced a new module developed by the Centre for Excellence in Postal Technology (CEPT) to facilitate transfers under Rule 38 on ‘Mutual exchange’. Henceforth, transfer requests for mutual exchange will be accepted exclusively through the online portal, marking the discontinuation of offline applications.

Implementation of Approved Transfers: Previously approved transfers under mutual exchange will be promptly implemented, with details shared with CEPT to remove corresponding requests from the online portal. Additionally, no new transfers under mutual exchange will be approved in offline mode from this point forward.

Standard Operating Procedure (SOP): To guide employees through the process of mutual transfers, a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) has been enclosed with the directive. This document serves as a comprehensive reference for employees seeking mutual exchanges.

Verification Process Enhancement: To alleviate the workload during transfer cycles, a real-time verification system has been introduced for new transfer requests. Controlling units are urged to verify new requests promptly upon receipt, ensuring timely processing. Requests received until the end of the month preceding the transfer cycle should be verified before the commencement of the cycle.

Publication of Approved Transfers: The list of approved transfers under mutual exchange will be issued concurrently with the regular transfer cycle on a quarterly basis. This practice enhances transparency and ensures that employees are informed of the latest developments.

These initiatives represent a significant step forward in modernizing the postal service transfer process. By embracing online solutions and leveraging CEPT’s technological capabilities, the Department of Posts aims to simplify procedures, minimize manual intervention, and expedite the transfer process. Moreover, real-time verification of new requests enhances responsiveness and ensures that transfers are processed efficiently.

In conclusion, these guidelines underscore the Department of Posts' commitment to embracing digital transformation and optimizing operational processes. By harnessing the power of technology, the postal service aims to enhance employee satisfaction, streamline administrative tasks, and ultimately deliver improved services to the public.

For more information and updates, concerned parties are encouraged to refer to the official communication disseminated by the Ministry of Communications, Department of Posts.

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