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Decentralization of CGHS Plastic Card Printing: A Step Towards Efficiency

Decentralization of CGHS Plastic Card Printing: A Step Towards Efficiency

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In response to grievances concerning delays in printing and issuance of Central Government Health Scheme (CGHS) Plastic Cards to beneficiaries, the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India has taken proactive measures.

In an office order dated 26th March 2024, the Ministry announced the decentralization of CGHS Card Printing to every Additional Director (CGHS) in cities across the nation, including Delhi. This strategic decision aims to expedite the card-making process, ensuring timely provision of essential healthcare services to beneficiaries.

The entire process, from enrollment to allocating work orders for printing CGHS Plastic Cards, is slated to be completed by 25th April 2024. By empowering local CGHS authorities with printing responsibilities, the Ministry endeavors to streamline operations and enhance service delivery efficiency.

Additionally, the office order delineates a nominal fee of Rs. 100/- for issuing duplicate CGHS cards due to loss or other reasons. This measure is intended to cover administrative costs while maintaining the accessibility of CGHS services to beneficiaries.

It's noteworthy that specifications for CGHS Cards will continue to be determined by the C&P Section at CGHS (HQ), CGHS Bhawan, New Delhi, ensuring standardization and quality control.

This decision, undertaken with the approval of the Additional Secretary & Director-General (CGHS), reflects the Ministry's commitment to improving healthcare access and administrative efficiency within the CGHS framework.

The office order has been disseminated to pertinent stakeholders, including PS to AS & DG MoHFW (CGHS), PS to JS MoHFW (CGHS), Additional Directors of CGHS Zones, and nodal officers for website dissemination.

With these proactive measures, the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare aims to bolster CGHS operations, ensuring seamless healthcare services for government employees and beneficiaries across the nation.

For further details and updates, beneficiaries are encouraged to visit the CGHS website and stay informed about these developments.

Contact Information:

Director, CGHS

Telephone: 011-20863436

For Media Inquiries:

Under Secretary, CGHS, CGHS Bhawan, Sec-13, R.K. Puram, New Delhi

This initiative underscores the Government's commitment to efficient healthcare delivery and citizen-centric governance, marking a significant step towards a healthier and more accessible healthcare ecosystem for all CGHS beneficiaries.

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