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Precautionary Measures to Guard Against Fraud in PLI/RPLI (Postal Life Insurance)

Government of India: Ministry of Communications Department of Posts: Directorate of Postal Life Insurance (File No 13-02/2023-LI) Date: 10/01/2024

Subject: Precautionary Measures to Guard Against Fraud in PLI/RPLI

Download Precautionary Measures to Guard Against Fraud in PLI/RPLI in PDF

Instances of misappropriation of public funds in Postal Life Insurance (PLI) and Rural Postal Life Insurance (RPLI) have come to light, involving departmental staff. To address this issue, the Directorate of Postal Life Insurance emphasizes the importance of preventive vigilance and strict adherence to guidelines.

Recently, a case was identified wherein fraudulent activities were carried out using the McCamish ID of a user/operator who had undergone Rule-38 transfer to a different Circle. In light of such incidents, it is imperative to reinforce preventive measures and enhance vigilance.

In this regard, the following letters related to preventive vigilance are enclosed herewith and should be disseminated among all staff members:

Password Policy-Setting Complex Passwords - Letter No. 29-34/2012/LI (Vol-I), dated 02-08-2016. Forwarding Disbursement Sanction Memos Generated by McCamish - Letter No. 29-34/2012-LI, dated 13-07-2015. Irregular Transaction/Activities in Collection of Premium in Core Insurance Solution - Letter No. 06-01/2011-LI(Pt), dated 21-12-2016. Precautionary Measures to Guard Against Frauds in PLI/RPLI - Letter No. 13-06/2019-LI, dated 09-01-2020.

Additionally, continuous monitoring of CSI transactions carried out on Sundays/holidays is essential. A separate dashboard provided by CEPT for this purpose should be made known to all concerned.

It is imperative to maintain utmost vigilance and ensure compliance with all prescribed guidelines to prevent instances of fraud in PLI/RPLI. All staff members are urged to strictly adhere to the instructions provided and report any suspicious activities immediately.

This directive is issued with the approval of the competent authority.

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