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Policy for supply of inspection vehicles to the entitled class of officers in Post Office (DOP)

Streamlining Procurement: A New Policy for Inspection Vehicles in Indian Postal Services. 

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In a bid to enhance operational efficiency and align with modern requirements, the Indian Ministry of Communication's Department of Posts has introduced a revised policy governing the acquisition of inspection vehicles for entitled class officers. The new directive, outlined in Office Memorandum No. 17-1/2023-MV, marks a significant step towards optimizing resource allocation while ensuring seamless execution of official duties.

The memorandum, addressed to all Head of Circles, elucidates the rationale behind the policy shift and delineates the updated procedures for the procurement of inspection vehicles. Central to this initiative is the acknowledgment of the evolving landscape and the need for a pragmatic approach towards vehicle acquisition.

One of the pivotal aspects of the policy is the clarification provided by the Department of Expenditure, Ministry of Finance, regarding the Non-Developmental Procurement (NDP) limit for staff cars. The communication underscores that while a NDP limit of Rs. 6 lakh has been stipulated for staff cars, no such limit applies to the purchase of operational vehicles by the Department of Posts.

Subsequently, a Committee chaired by Shri G. Natarajan, PMG Chennai City Region, was tasked with formulating recommendations for the make, model, and monetary limit of inspection vehicles. Following thorough deliberations and consultations, the committee's suggestions have been duly examined and approved by the Secretary (Posts).

Key provisions of the revised policy include:

Price Limit: Head of Circles may procure inspection vehicles within the price limit of Rs. 9.5 lakh (inclusive of all taxes), subject to condemnation of existing sanctioned inspection vehicles and consultation with the Central Inspection and Financial Advisor (CIFA).

Selection Criteria: CPMGs are empowered to decide the make and model of the vehicle, considering various parameters such as geographical terrain, service facilities, ease of maintenance, fuel economy, and availability on the Government e-Marketplace (GeM).

Procurement Process: Proposals for the procurement of new inspection vehicles must be forwarded to the MV Division, Postal Directorate, for approval of the Secretary (Posts). Circles are required to provide detailed justifications, including the rationale for additional vehicles over hired ones, annual expenditure on hired vehicles, estimated expenditure on driver outsourcing, availability of funds, and concurrence of CIFA/CPMG.

Compliance and Oversight: The exercise of powers must adhere to relevant financial regulations, delegation of powers rules, and procurement guidelines issued by the Ministry of Finance. Heads of Circles are responsible for ensuring compliance with budgetary allotments and avoiding excess expenditure.

The memorandum emphasizes the imperative of prudent financial management and adherence to established norms to facilitate the smooth implementation of the new policy. It underscores the department's commitment to modernization and efficiency enhancement, thereby enabling officers to discharge their official duties effectively.

As the Indian Postal Services embark on this journey of reform and modernization, the revised policy on inspection vehicles stands as a testament to the department's proactive approach towards embracing change and meeting the evolving needs of the digital age.

This article highlights the key provisions and significance of the revised policy governing the procurement of inspection vehicles in India's Postal Services, showcasing the department's commitment to efficiency and modernization.

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