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Payment of Honorarium to CPC Staff (PLI/RPLI) | PLI Directorate OM dated 14th March 2024

Payment of Honorarium to Staff Working at CPC - A Boost for Postal Operational Efficiency. 


The Directorate of Postal Life Insurance (PLI), under the Ministry of Communications, Department of Posts, Government of India, has issued a significant directive aimed at motivating the staff working at the Central Processing Centre (CPC). In a circular F. No. 28-03/2019-LI Dated: 14.03.2024, the Directorate outlined the payment of honorarium to operational staff involved in the liquidation of new proposals indexed in PLI and RPLI from 15th March 2024 to 31st March 2024.

To incentivize and recognize the efforts of CPC officials and other staff across Divisions, Regions, and Circles working at the CPC, a structured honorarium scheme has been introduced. Staff members involved in various activities related to the procurement of new PLI/RPLI policies will be eligible for honorarium based on their contributions. The rates for honorarium per new PLI/RPLI business proposal have been specified as follows:

1. Indexing of new business proposal: Rs. 2

2. Scanning Assistance at CPC: Rs. 2

3. Data Entry Operator at CPC: Rs. 2

4. Quality Checker at CPC: Rs. 2

5. Approver at CPC: Rs. 2

6. Issuance of Policy Bond: Rs. 2

Total: Rs. 12 per new PLI/RPLI business proposal

It's crucial to note that this honorarium is applicable only for new PLI and RPLI policies indexed from 15th March 2024 to 31st March 2024. Payment will be processed only after the issuance of the policy bond for a newly indexed PLI/RPLI policy.

The circular also provides clarity on the financial aspects, specifying the 10-digit CSI mapped with the 15-digit CGA Nomenclature into GL Code Head of Accounts CSI-SAP System for the payment of honorarium to CPC staff.

This initiative underscores the commitment of the Directorate of Postal Life Insurance towards recognizing and rewarding the dedication and efficiency of its staff. By introducing this honorarium scheme, the Directorate aims to enhance operational effectiveness and foster a culture of excellence within the CPC. It is expected that this move will further motivate the staff to strive for excellence in their roles, ultimately benefiting the overall efficiency and service delivery of PLI and RPLI policies.

The implementation of such initiatives reflects the government's proactive approach towards employee welfare and performance recognition, ultimately contributing to the overarching goal of providing reliable and efficient postal life insurance services to the citizens of India.

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