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Modification in IP (Inspector Post) Recruitment Rules (RRs) - FNPO

Federation of National Postal Organisations (FNPO) Advocates Amendments to Inspector Post (IP) Recruitment Rules.


The Federation of National Postal Organisations (FNPO) has recently addressed the need for amendments to the Recruitment Rules (RRs) governing the Inspector Post (IP) examinations. Led by Secretary General Sivaji Vasireddy, FNPO highlights three key areas of concern regarding eligibility criteria and promotion structures within the postal service.

Eligibility Criteria Adjustment:

One of the primary concerns raised by FNPO pertains to the eligibility criteria for the LDCE IP Examination. Previously, candidates were required to have five years of qualifying service as Postal Assistants (PAs) to be eligible. However, with a significant portion of vacancies now filled through direct recruitment, the rationale behind the five-year qualifying service in the feeder cadre is called into question. FNPO proposes reverting to the previous eligibility requirement of five years of qualifying service, as the current eight-year requirement serves little purpose in the context of evolving recruitment practices.

Age Limit Relaxation for Ex-Servicemen:

FNPO also highlights the issue of age limits disproportionately affecting ex-servicemen who seek to appear for the LDCE IP Examination. With many ex-servicemen recruited as PAs through Combined Graduate Level (CGL) exams, the maximum age limit of 40 years poses a barrier to their participation in the LDCE IP Examination. FNPO advocates for a relaxation of the maximum age limit for ex-servicemen PAs to ensure equitable opportunities for all eligible candidates.

Promotion Structure Streamlining:

The restructuring of cadres within the postal service has led to concerns about future promotion prospects, particularly regarding the merger of the Postal Manual Grade (PM Grade) cadre with the general lane. FNPO warns of potential stagnation in promotions and advocates for the establishment of a common gradation list for Higher Selection Grade II (HSGII), Higher Selection Grade I (HSGI), and IP cadres. By eliminating differentiation between operative and administrative lines and ensuring a comprehensive promotion structure, FNPO aims to address longstanding grievances and promote fairness in career advancement opportunities.


FNPO's call for amendments to the Recruitment Rules governing IP examinations reflects its commitment to advocating for the rights and interests of postal employees. By addressing concerns related to eligibility criteria, age limits, and promotion structures, FNPO strives to ensure equitable opportunities and a conducive working environment within the Department of Posts. As discussions progress, it is hoped that the concerns raised by FNPO will be duly considered, leading to reforms that benefit postal workers and enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of postal services nationwide.

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