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Merger of PA (FPO) with PA (PO) - Circular issued by DOP (Department of Posts)

Department of Posts (DOP) Implements Guidelines for Merger of Postal Assistant (FPO) with Postal Assistant (PO) Date: March 26, 2024

Download Merger of PA (FPO) with PA (PO) in PDF

In a move aimed at streamlining operations and optimizing manpower within the Department of Posts, the Ministry of Communications, Government of India, has issued guidelines for the merger of Postal Assistant (FPO) positions with Postal Assistant (PO) roles. The directive, outlined in letter no. W-04/7/2023-SPN-I-DOP dated March 26, 2024, addresses the posting and promotion policies for Postal Assistants in FPOs located in Chennai, Delhi, and Kolkata.

The guidelines, approved by the Competent Authority following a review of the existing framework, encompass several key provisions:

Continuity of Service: Incumbents of the Postal Assistant (FPO) cadre in Chennai, Delhi, and Kolkata as of December 31, 2022, shall continue to be posted in FPOs until they are promoted to the next higher grade or cease to be in service. However, officials may request transfers to Postal Divisions, subject to administrative requirements.

Transfer Policy: Postal Assistants transferred from FPOs to Postal Divisions without a specific request for transfer shall be posted back to FPOs.

Promotion Criteria: Existing officials opting to remain in the Postal Assistant (FPO) cadre of Chennai, Delhi, or Kolkata will be considered for promotion in a manner consistent with the practices predating the issuance of the aforementioned letter dated November 16, 2022.

Recruitment Freeze: Fresh appointments, whether through Direct Recruitment or Departmental Examination, shall not be made in FPOs.

Tenure-based Posting: Vacant posts in FPOs shall be filled from Postal Divisions on a tenure basis. Officials with a minimum of two years of service in Postal Divisions will be eligible for posting in FPOs.

Rotation Policy: Officials posted in FPOs from Postal Divisions shall be rotated back to Postal Divisions upon completion of one tenure in FPOs. Conversely, officials completing one tenure in Postal Divisions may be posted back to FPOs.

The Chief Postmaster Generals of Delhi, Tamil Nadu, and West Bengal Circles have been directed to implement these guidelines effectively.

This initiative reflects the Department of Posts' commitment to rationalizing its workforce deployment strategies, ensuring optimal utilization of human resources, and maintaining operational efficiency across its network.

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