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Junior Time Scale (JTS) DPC for the vacancy year 2017-18 and onwards in DOP (India Post)

DOP Directive Prompts Streamlined Process for Junior Time Scale Promotions in Indian Postal Service

In a recent directive issued by the Ministry of Communications, Department of Posts, the Government of India has outlined measures to expedite the promotion process for the Junior Time Scale (JTS) of the Indian Postal Service, Group ‘A’. The directive, numbered 4-5/2019-SPG and dated 26th March 2024, addresses the need for timely convening of Departmental Promotion Committees (DPCs) for the vacancy years 2017-18 onwards.

The communication mandates that all postal circles designate Deputy Postmaster Generals (DPS) from headquarters as the focal point to ensure the readiness of Annual Performance Appraisal Reports (APARs) and other pertinent documents for the promotion process. These measures aim to facilitate the swift compilation and submission of requisite materials to the Directorate at short notice.

Key provisions of the directive include:

Submission of APAR Dossiers: Circles are required to furnish complete APAR dossiers for all Postal Service (PS) Group ‘B’ officers up to the year 2021-22 who have been in service from April 1, 2017, onwards. In cases where Non-Report Cases (NRCs) exist for APARs, previous years’ completed appraisals are to be included in the dossier.

Details of Induction Training: Circles must provide details of successful completion of a minimum of two weeks’ PS Group ‘B’ Induction Training for each officer.

Reporting of Disciplinary Proceedings: Information on officers under suspension or facing vigilance, disciplinary, or criminal proceedings must be furnished promptly, including relevant documentation such as charge sheets.

Resolution of Pending Representations: Circles are instructed to resolve any pending representations against adverse entries in APARs before submitting documents for the DPC.

Record of Penalties: A statement detailing major and minor penalties imposed on officers over the last ten years should be provided, along with copies of penalty orders.

Certified Grading of APARs: Certified grading of all APARs and a ‘No Report Certificate’ (NRC) should be submitted, explaining reasons for any missing or incomplete appraisal sections.

Update on Officer Details: Any changes in officers’ circles or places of posting should be reported, along with updates on caste status, date of birth, voluntary retirement, or other relevant information.

The directive emphasizes the importance of accuracy and completeness in the submission of documents, urging circles to promptly report any discrepancies or omissions for rectification.

To expedite the process further, a comprehensive checklist has been provided, ensuring that all necessary details and documents are compiled and submitted correctly. Postal circles are urged to prioritize compliance with the directive, aiming for completion within a fortnight.

The measures outlined in this directive signify the Government's commitment to ensuring a transparent and efficient promotion process within the Indian Postal Service, facilitating career progression for eligible officers.

Signed by:


Assistant Director General (SPG)

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