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FNPO Raises Concerns Over Violation of Rules by SPOs Darbhanga Division regarding WhatsApp Instructions

Federation of National Postal Organisations (FNPO) Raises Concerns Over Violation of Rules by SPOs Darbhanga Division

The Federation of National Postal Organisations (FNPO) has recently raised an alarm regarding the violation of rules by the Senior Postmaster Officers (SPOs) in the Darbhanga Division under the Bihar circle. In a letter addressed to the Director General Posts at Dak Bhavan, New Delhi, FNPO Secretary General, Sivaji Vasireddy, highlighted an issue stemming from a memo issued by the SPOs Darbhanga Division on March 14, 2024.

The memo in question stipulated that failure to comply with instructions communicated through WhatsApp, coupled with a lack of response, would result in disciplinary action against postal officials. This directive, according to FNPO, exceeds the delegated powers of the SPOs and encroaches upon personal liberties guaranteed by the country's constitution.

In the letter, Vasireddy underscores that the ownership of a smartphone and the use of messaging applications like WhatsApp are personal choices, not obligatory requirements for postal service employees. He emphasizes that there are no mandatory provisions in service laws or postal manuals mandating the possession of smartphones for communication purposes.

Moreover, FNPO contends that the directive unfairly burdens postal employees with the responsibility of acquiring specific technological devices, particularly smartphones with Android operating systems. They argue that the nature of work for postal employees does not inherently require such gadgets, and any expenses associated with their acquisition should be departmentally funded.

FNPO asserts that the actions of the SPOs Darbhanga Division represent an overreach of power, breaching the limits of their delegated authority. They call for disciplinary action against the SPOs in accordance with Rule 93 of Volume VIII, stressing the need for intervention by the competent authorities to rectify the situation.

In conclusion, FNPO urges the Director General Posts to intervene in the matter and ensure that appropriate disciplinary measures are taken against the SPOs Darbhanga Division for their violation of rules. Additionally, they request that suitable instructions be issued to all relevant authorities to prevent similar incidents in the future.

The FNPO's stance on this issue underscores the importance of upholding procedural integrity and safeguarding the rights of postal employees within the framework of established rules and regulations.

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