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Standardized Dress Code for Postal Assistants (PAs) Mandates by Department of Posts (DOP): Fake Letter in Circulation

Department of Posts (DOP) Mandates Standardized Dress Code for Postal Assistants.

Download Dress Code for Postal Assistants (PAs) in PDF

In a move aimed at enhancing professionalism and public identification of departmental personnel, the Ministry of Communications, Department of Posts, has announced the mandatory implementation of a standardized dress code for Postal Assistants, effective April 2024.

The new dress code, outlined in a departmental notification, specifies the following details:

For Men: Postal Assistants are required to wear khaki trousers paired with red shirts.

For Women: A professional outfit, complementing the men's uniform, will be established. Specific details regarding style, such as khaki skirts or trousers with red blouses or tunics, will be communicated shortly.

The notification emphasizes that the designated uniform will be mandatory attire for all Postal Assistants while performing their official duties. Comprehensive guidelines outlining specific uniform specifications, including style options and procurement details, will be disseminated in the near future.

Acknowledging that some Postal Assistants may already possess clothing items that align with the general uniform description, the department encourages them to utilize these items until comprehensive guidelines are issued.

The implementation of a standardized uniform offers several advantages. A consistent uniform fosters a sense of professionalism and builds public trust in the department. Easily identifiable uniforms enable members of the public to approach Postal Assistants for assistance confidently. Furthermore, a shared uniform promotes a sense of unity and pride within the department.

It is emphasized that failure to adhere to the outlined uniform policy will be considered a breach of departmental regulations and may result in disciplinary action.

This initiative underscores the Department of Posts' commitment to maintaining a professional image and ensuring efficient service delivery to the public. By standardizing the attire of Postal Assistants, the department aims to enhance its visibility and credibility while reaffirming its dedication to serving the community.

Signed by:

Devender Dhankhar

Assistant Director General (SPN)

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