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Issuance of GST invoice to Contractual & Non-Contractual Customers booking commercial items

Streamlining GST Invoice Issuance for Postal Services: A Step towards Compliance and Customer Convenience. Download Issuance of GST invoice to Contractual & Non-Contractual Customers booking commercial items in PDF

Department of Posts (IR&GB Division) No. CF-71/14/2023-CF-Dop.

In a bid to ensure compliance with Goods and Services Tax (GST) regulations and to enhance customer service efficiency, the Ministry of Communications, Department of Posts, has issued an Office Memorandum dated 20th February 2024 regarding the issuance of GST invoices to both contractual and non-contractual customers booking commercial items.

The memorandum highlights an essential observation made by the Postal Directorate regarding the non-issuance of GST invoices to bulk non-contractual customers booking articles at various postal facilities such as IBC/FPO/SFPO/DNK. This oversight could potentially hinder these customers' ability to claim Input Tax Credit (ITC) – a crucial aspect since the applicability of GST on all international mail products since November 2023.

Recognizing the necessity to rectify this situation, the Department of Posts emphasizes the importance of issuing GST invoices to bulk/commercial customers promptly. For contractual customers, the memorandum notes that Customer Service Information (CSI) generates monthly statements, enabling the respective offices to issue GST invoices efficiently, facilitating ITC claims for these customers.

However, the memorandum points out a gap in the process concerning non-contractual customers. In response to the requirement from these bulk customers and as an interim measure, the memorandum suggests that manual GST invoices may be issued by the Drawing and Disbursing Officers (DDOs) of respective offices. This manual invoicing process involves verifying information available in both manual and electronic Postal Business Enquiry (PBE) data, ensuring accuracy and compliance.

Furthermore, the memorandum emphasizes the importance of correct and timely filing of GST returns by respective offices to prevent any inconvenience in ITC claims by customers. This underscores the commitment of the Department of Posts to not only ensure compliance with GST regulations but also to facilitate a seamless experience for customers in claiming their rightful credits.

By addressing the issue of GST invoice issuance, the Department of Posts demonstrates its dedication to upholding regulatory compliance and enhancing customer convenience. The streamlined process outlined in the memorandum reflects a proactive approach in adapting to evolving tax regulations while prioritizing efficient service delivery.

In conclusion, the Office Memorandum serves as a significant step towards aligning postal services with GST regulations and ensuring that customers, both contractual and non-contractual, can avail themselves of their entitled benefits without hindrance. It underscores the Department of Posts' commitment to operational excellence and customer-centricity in its service offerings.

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