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IPPB MDM Migration SOP from SOTI to SURE

Streamlining Mobile Device Management: Migration from SOTI to SURE MDM for IPPB Services

Download SOP IPPB MDM Migration from SOTI to SURE in PDF

In a bid to enhance efficiency and control over mobile devices used in rendering India Post Payments Bank (IPPB) services, a significant transition is underway. The IPPB Distribution Department has initiated the migration of Mobile Device Management (MDM) services from SOTI MDM to SURE MDM. This strategic move aims to ensure better management, control, and support for the vast inventory of smartphones and tablets utilized by IPPB's workforce across various access points.

Background and Introduction

IPPB relies on MDM applications to maintain control over bank-owned mobile devices utilized by end-users in delivering banking services. Currently, the bank utilizes mobi-control (SOTI) as its MDM solution. However, a decision has been made to transition to SURE MDM, marking a significant shift in MDM service provision.

Purpose and Scope

The migration process will initially target 1.40 Lakh Samsung A14-5G devices, followed by subsequent phases for remaining bank-owned devices and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) devices. The scope of MDM encompasses production monitoring, troubleshooting, error resolution, setting up a dedicated helpdesk, and ensuring SLA compliance.


The migration process involves three key steps:

Wiping Out of Existing SOTI MDM: IMEI numbers of Samsung A14 devices are shared with the SOTI team to initiate the wiping process.

Installation of SURE MDM: IMEI data is shared with NF Infra for profile application, enabling automatic installation of SURE MDM once devices are online.

Enrolment of Devices with SURE MDM: End-users are guided through the enrolment process, ensuring seamless transition and updating of MDM IDs in AMS.


Challenges include ensuring proactive coordination, device connectivity to the internet, and adherence to migration timelines.

Tentative Schedule

Migration is scheduled to commence from April 2, 2024, with a phased rollout across different circles, targeting approximately 10,000 devices per day.

Delegation and Authorization

Circle head approval is mandated for enrolling devices other than Samsung A14, ensuring business continuity.

Escalation Matrix and Support

An escalation matrix is established for effective support and issue resolution, ensuring smooth migration.

Annexure: Guide to Enroll Android Devices in SureMDM Console

A comprehensive guide is provided for end-users, detailing the steps for enrolling devices in the SureMDM console.

This migration marks a pivotal moment in enhancing IPPB's operational efficiency and service delivery. By transitioning to SURE MDM, IPPB aims to ensure better control, support, and security over its mobile device ecosystem, ultimately benefiting both employees and customers alike.

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