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Department of Posts (DOP) and MAIDC Join Forces to Boost Logistics Support for Maharashtra's Farmers

Department of Posts (DOP) and MAIDC Join Forces to Boost Logistics Support for Maharashtra's Farmers

Date: March 7, 2024

Location: Mantralaya, Mumbai


A momentous occasion unfolded today in Maharashtra's agricultural landscape as the Department of Posts (DoP), Maharashtra Circle, and Maharashtra Agricultural Industries Development Corporation (MAIDC) Limited entered into a significant partnership. The signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) at Mantralaya, Mumbai, marked a collaborative commitment to bolster logistics support for the state's farmers. The ceremony was honored by the presence of esteemed dignitaries, including Shri Dhananjay Munde, Hon'ble Minister of Agriculture of Maharashtra and Chairman of MAIDC.

Key Objectives of the MoU:

Efficient Logistics Solutions: The collaboration aims to provide efficient logistics solutions for transporting agricultural inputs to farmers residing in remote areas of Maharashtra.

Transportation of Agri-produce: Facilitating the transportation of processed agricultural produce generated by MAIDC is a key focus area.

Awareness Campaigns: Both entities are committed to raising awareness among farmers and agricultural processing units about the diverse logistic solutions offered by India Post.

Role of MAIDC:

MAIDC plays a pivotal role in Maharashtra's agricultural sector by supplying high-quality fertilizers, pesticides, agricultural implements, and animal feed to farmers at competitive prices. Their efforts are directed towards enhancing agricultural productivity and promoting food processing and related activities.

Role of Department of Posts:

With its extensive postal network and reach, the Department of Posts offers comprehensive parcel and logistics services to citizens and organizations across the country. This collaboration leverages the strengths of both organizations to provide affordable and seamless logistic support to farmers.

Distinguished Dignitaries Present:

The prestigious ceremony witnessed the presence of distinguished dignitaries, including:

Shri Anoop Kumar, Director (MAIDC)

Dr. Pravin Gedam, Director (MAIDC)

Shri K. Somasundaram, Postmaster General, Mumbai Region (DoP)

Dr. Ajinkya Kale, Director of Postal Services, Mumbai Region (DoP)

Dr. Sudhir Jakhere, Assistant Postmaster General (Business Development & Marketing), CO Mumbai (DoP)

Smt. Shraddha Gokarna, Deputy Superintendent, Mumbai North East Division (DoP)


The collaboration between the Department of Posts and MAIDC signifies a significant step towards empowering Maharashtra's farmers and fostering growth in the state's agricultural sector. By combining their expertise and resources, both entities aim to ensure efficient logistics support, thereby contributing to the overall prosperity and development of Maharashtra's agricultural community. This partnership underscores the commitment of the government towards the welfare of farmers and the advancement of agriculture in the state.

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