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CBS EOY Instructions for the year 2023-24

DOP Instructions for End of Year Operations in CBS Post Offices. 

Download CBS EOY Instructions for the year 2024 in PDF

As the financial year 2023-24 comes to a close, the Ministry of Communications, Department of Posts, Government of India, has issued comprehensive instructions for the execution of End of Year (EOY) activities in CBS (Core Banking Solutions) Post Offices and CPCs (Centralized Processing Centers). These instructions, outlined by Director Manoj, aim to ensure a seamless transition into the new financial year while maintaining operational efficiency and compliance. Here's a breakdown of the key directives:

Planning Ahead:

No-Transaction Days: April 1st and 2nd, 2024, have been declared as no-transaction days in CBS Post Offices. While POSB transactions will be suspended during this period, ATMs will remain operational. However, services like DOP E-Banking, M-Banking, and IPPB-POSB Sweep-In/Sweep-Out will not be available.

Clearing Procedures: With April 1st being a Clearing Holiday, outward cheques will only be scanned on April 2nd. Post Offices must ensure swift processing of accepted cheques, especially considering the critical interest calculation date of April 5th for schemes like PPF and SSA.

Account Management: Cheques for FY 2023-24 POSB transactions will not be accepted after March 30th. Additionally, all cheques cleared up to March 30th must be posted in the respective accounts by the same date.

Operational Guidelines:

Salary and Pension Uploads: HRMS uploads for POSB Interface will occur after the completion of EOD (End of Day) for March 31st, 2024. This process is expected to conclude by late evening on April 2nd.

Account Verification: CBS Post Offices must ensure that all accounts, including SB, PPF, SSA, NSS-87, and NSS-92, are verified by March 30th to avoid any lapses in interest posting.

Transaction Deadlines: All transactions must be completed by 5:00 PM on March 30th, with verification completed simultaneously. HISCOD (High Speed Close of Day) must be completed by 6:00 PM to prevent any EOD blocking transactions.

Collaboration and Coordination:

Team Coordination: Various teams involved in EOY activities, including CPC SPOCs, EOD Support Team, CEPT Team, and IPPB Team, must collaborate to ensure smooth execution of tasks.

Menu Disabling: CEPT Team will disable certain menus during EOY Batch execution to manage resource utilization efficiently. CPCs are responsible for coordinating with SOLs and updating them on menu changes.

Continued Support: CPCs will provide assistance to post offices under their jurisdiction, especially in clearing blocking validations and ensuring smooth completion of HISCOD.

Special Considerations:

Nodal Cheque Clearing Office: Chennai GPO, acting as the nodal office, will oversee the processing of special clearing sessions conducted by RBI/NPCI for government cheques and dues until late on March 30th and 31st.


These instructions underscore the government's commitment to ensuring a smooth transition at the end of the financial year. By adhering to these guidelines meticulously, CBS Post Offices and CPCs can effectively manage EOY operations, uphold service standards, and facilitate financial transactions seamlessly for customers. It's a testament to the meticulous planning and dedication of the Department of Posts towards operational excellence.

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