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Preventive measures to avert contributory negligence in DOP (Post Office)


Download Preventive measures to avert contributory negligence in DOP (Post Office) in PDF

Place : Hyderabad Date : 04 & 05 November 2023

Normal procedure done in r/o contributory negligence

Sending officers to obtain confession statements or by sending memos & seeking explanation

Then show cause will be issued to credit the share voluntarily without prejudice to departmental action

Some may opt for credit

Many refused to credit and face further proceedings

Rule 16 charge memo will be issued Normal procedure done....

» Normally submitting reply citing the extenuating circumstances that led to omission and a request for exoneration

» DA use to say the representation is not Satisfactory and imposed recovery

» Appeal, in general, is normally rejected

» 80% of the contributory negligence cases are processed like this

Tips to safeguard...

» Whenever seeking statement, one should demand to see the vouchers or records

» One has every right to ask time to give his statement

> After giving a statement, a copy of the same must be taken

» If refuses time, one may say that he want to pursue the records, consults necessary rules

>» To avoid false report as if refused to give statement, the official should send his representation to DA through proper channel

Tips to safeguard...

As per law, nobody should be forced to testify against himself and refusal to give statements could not be construed as misconduct

The statement is the most vital factor and one should be very careful

Always consult knowledgeable persons before giving Statements

Always see the documents at first and ascertain your role before defending the case

Tips to safeguard...

> ensure that whether were you on duty on the

> Pursue documents and find out whether the same were handled by you

» Check rules find out the extent of your negligence

» Never write a statement as per the officer’s dictation

» Consult knowledgeable people before giving a Statement and act on his advice to avoid complications

Tips to safeguard...

» Never trust the officers /administration.

» Always take notes on the evidences & take copies of your statement.

» If Rulel6 is issued, make a request to pursue all the documents.

» If DA is relying on other’s statements, seek Oral inquiry. If refuses, don’t worry it will be helpful for legal remedy.

» Submission of proper representation will help while approaching CAT for remedy.

»Never reveal your password

» Set a complex password

» Combine special symbols,numbers,

» alphabets

» (Eg.MM_Post1 234)

» Never set dob, relative name,mob no as password

Signature Verification

To be done for all withdrawals, account closures. If SS not updated in finacle, SS may be verified through AOF.

- In case of intersol, don’t give withdrawal when ss not updated in finacle.

- SS to be verified for all BO withdrawal above Rs.20000 & account closures.

» Presence of depositor must.

> If A/c opened through Agent, presence of depositor is optional. Agent should attest all documents.

>» If AOF, KYC collected by PO staff ( GDS, Postman) during drives,mela presence of depositor is not mandatory.

PO staff should attest all documents. Counter PA should = scrutinise AOF. AOF

address should match with KYC documents.Counter PA is in the habit of feeding data by seeing AOF only without verifying KYC documents.


» Presence of depositor mandatory.

» If reinvestment by Agent, presence of depositor is optional.

» Closure of Accounts standing in BO through Cash payment is prescribed to be done only at Account Office. SB Order 03/2022

» Single & Double handed Post Offices (including BOs) — collect closed PBs (RD/TD/MIS/SCSS/KVP and NSC) from the A/c holders

» Try to avoid Revised SB-3 form in case of claim closure.

» If AOF not traceable, check in HAF! regarding change of nomination or other taken place.



» Only one withdrawal in one account in a day is allowed in BOs

» PB mandatory for withdrawal/transfers done using SB-7 form

» PB mandatory for deposit/withdrawal if account stands at BO Deposit/Withdrawal


» PB mandatory for deposit/withdrawal _ if illiterate depositor attends PO

>No BPM~ should accept cash _ deposit transaction for more than Rs.50,000/- in anyaccount in a day (SB Order 03/2021) 

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