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DOP (Post Office) CSI SAP Useful Links works in Open network

DOP (Post Office) CSI SAP Useful Links works in Open network.

In the ever-evolving landscape of postal services, technological advancements play a crucial role in enhancing operational efficiency and ensuring prompt delivery. The Department of Posts, India, has embraced digital transformation by providing a plethora of web-based tools accessible to postal staff. These tools streamline various aspects of postal operations, from bag handling to article tracking, thereby facilitating seamless service delivery. Let's explore some of the essential web links that are integral to the postal ecosystem:

DPMS Main Screen: Link

The DPMS (Data Preparation and Management System) main screen serves as the central hub for managing postal data, facilitating efficient data preparation and management processes.

Bag Receive: Link

This tool enables postal staff to record the receipt of postal bags, ensuring accurate tracking and handling of incoming mail.

Bag Open: Link

Postal workers can use this link to document the opening of postal bags, facilitating the sorting and processing of mail items.

Redirection: Link

This tool allows for the efficient management of redirected mail, ensuring timely delivery to the intended recipients.

EMO View: Link

Postal staff can utilize this link to access and update Electronic Money Order (EMO) information, facilitating secure and efficient money transfer services.

BO Article Returns: Link

This tool enables postal offices to manage the return of undelivered articles to the respective senders, ensuring effective handling of returned mail items.

Issue RICT BO Articles: Link

Postal staff can use this link to issue Registered Insured Cover Tag (RICT) articles to Branch Offices (BOs), facilitating efficient distribution and tracking of registered mail.

Issue Article to BO: Link

This tool allows postal offices to issue articles to Branch Offices (BOs) for further distribution, ensuring seamless mail flow within the postal network.

Issue to Postman: Link

Postal staff can utilize this link to issue articles to individual postmen for final delivery, optimizing last-mile delivery processes.

Postman Return: Link

This tool enables postmen to confirm the delivery of articles and report any undelivered items, ensuring accurate delivery status updates.

Find Article: Link

Postal staff can utilize this link to search for specific articles within the postal system, facilitating efficient retrieval and handling of mail items.

Article Tracking: Link

This tool allows customers and postal staff to track the status and location of articles in real-time, enhancing transparency and customer satisfaction.

Undeliverable Articles: Link

Postal offices can use this link to manage undeliverable articles, facilitating appropriate handling and disposition of returned mail items.

Article in Deposit: Link

This tool enables postal staff to manage articles held in deposit, ensuring proper storage and handling

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