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Provision of Inspection vehicles for Senior Superintendents (SSRM) RMS/Superintendents RMS/Chief Postmasters

Subject:- Provision of Inspection vehicles for Senior Superintendents RMS/Superintendents RMS/Chief Postmasters.

No. MV-17/3/2023-Motor Vehicle-DOP Government of India Ministry of Communication Department of Posts (MV Section) Dak Bhawan, New Delhi, Dated: 30 November, 2023 To, All the Chief Postmaster General.

References have been received in the Postal Directorate for providing inspection vehicles to Senior Superintendents RMS/Superintendents RMS/Chief Postmasters to facilitate in procurement of business targets assigned to them in respect of Mail/Parcel/BD/RPLI/PLI and also to visit Mail offices/Hubs at odd hours, meeting with Railway authorities/State Government Authorities and other authorities.

2. The matter has been examined and it is observed that as RMS offices/Hubs are located at several places other than the headquarters and RMS Divisional Superintendent have to visit these offices very often even at odd hours besides all RMS Divisional Superintendent have also been assigned duties of marketing of Mails, Parcels and other BD Products, therefore, they may require inspection vehicles for operational reasons.

3 It has. therefore, been decided with the approval of competent authority that head of circles are authorized to provide hired vehicles to RMS Divisional Superintendents on a case- to-case basis to carry out their duties and responsibilities in an effective manner.

4. Whereas Chief Postmasters operate from a particular office and do not have many outstation jobs assigned to them. They may be provided vehicles available with the circle/region on the need basis.

(Dushyant Mudgal)

Deputy Director General (MO)


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