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India Post GDS Strike 2023 Impact and Measures (Action to be taken by Post Office for normal delivery of Service)

Subject: Regarding indefinite strike by AIGDSU and NUGDS from 12/1/2023.

Download GDS Strike Impact and action taken for normal postal operation circular in PDF

No. 30-37/2023-D Government of India Ministry of Communications Department of Posts Mail Operations Division Dak Bhawan, New Delhi- 110 001 Dated: 12.12.2023 All Heads of Circle

This has reference to the AIGDSU and NUGDS notice for indefinite strike from 12.12.2023.

2. The indefinite strike is likely to have an adverse impact on transmission of mail between Account office and Branch Post Office. It may also affect the delivery of mail in Branch Post Offices and in post offices where GDS staff is engaged for delivery of mail. Therefore, to minimize the impact of said strike on transmission and delivery of mail, the following instructions are being issued:

1. Transmission of mail from Account Office to Branch Post Office and vice versa may be ensured by suitably engaging Mail Overseer or through engaging staff on substitute arrangement or engaging GDS staff from nearby Branch Post Office or alternatively by engaging outsourced manpower in place of striking GDS staff

2. Substitute arrangement or other available staff from nearby Branch Post Offices may be arranged for duty in Single Handed Branch Post Offices, if BPM of such BO is on strike,

3. BPM should be engaged in delivery work by combining duty, if ABPM (delivery staff) is on strike in Double Handed Branch Post Offices,

4. ABPM delivery beat may be merged with the delivery beats of Sub Post Office if delivery in the ABPM delivery beat is not possible through BPM by combing duty. In all such cases, postman from delivery POs doing delivery work through 2-wheelers may be paid mileage allowance as applicable to delivery staff engaged in Nodal Delivery Centres.

5. Window delivery of articles from Sub Post office/Account office concerned may be ensured. Necessary instructions in this regard may be pasted on the notice board of post offices for awareness of the public.

6. Wherever GDS staff are engaged in delivery work in delivery POs or NDC, delivery work in the delivery beat may be managed by combining beats of regular postman or through engaging outsourced manpower in place of such striking GDS staff.

3. Following actions should be taken to ensure smooth financial transactions in Branch Post Offices:

a) In case a B.O. is not functioning, a prominent person/Sarpanch of the village where B.O. is situated should be contacted through Mail Overseer/IP/ASPOs to make him aware of the nearest S.O/H.O. for further dissemination of the information to the public for making transactions.

b) The SPMs/PMs should be instructed to attend to the customers from Branch Post Offices properly for financial and non-financial transactions.

c) Ensure requisite cash availability in functional B.O.s and smooth movement of cash bags between S.0.s/H.O.s and B.O.s and vice versa.

4. All possible steps shall be taken to ensure delivery of mail on the day of receipt. However. accountable mail including EPIC cards, e-Commerce Parcel etc. and their delivery updation in the system should be given priority.

5. Control Room opened in the Circle in accordance with the directions issued by the SR Division of Postal Directorate shall also monitor the delay in delivery of accountable mail in the proforma attached with this letter. This information for previous day should be included in the daily report to be sent to the Directorate control room by 1000 hrs.

Encl. A/a Ceagln -

(Dushyant Mudgal)

DDG (Mail Operations)

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