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India Post Click and Book Service SOP, Booking Process & Accounting Procedure (Guidelines/Instructions)

Government of India Ministry of Communications Department of Posts Dak Bhawan, New Delhi - 110 001 D.O.No. 20-1/2018-D 6th December, 2023 Member (Operations) Postal Services Board

Download India Post Click and Book Service SOP, Booking Process & Accounting Procedure 2023 in PDF

This is regarding publicity of “Click N Book” service which has now been extended to 1714 pin codes of 28 state capitals, 8 Union territories capitals and 38 other cities (including regional headquarters) to test check its features and functionalities. 

2. Total 1607 articles have been booked till now through the service. Service appears to be running smoothly barring a few delayed pick-ups in some post offices.

3. The process flow of service from booking in India Post Portal to induction in Point of Sale had earlier been shared vide DO letter of even no. dated 23.11.2022. However, the process flows, salient feature, Terms and Conditions and Standard Accounting Procedure (SAP) of the service and monitoring tool developed to monitor the efficiency of the service are again attached herewith in Annexure “A”.

4. Training sessions to teach functionalities of the service to all concerned have been organized by Mail Business Division in coordination with CEPT.

5. Now it has been decided to publicise the Click n Book service among the public and focus on generating business. Therefore, requisite steps should be initiated to broadly publicise the service among the public.

6. A monthly target to book Click n Book articles allocated to the Circles is also attached herewith in Annexure “B”.

7. I hope that all concerned will be suitably directed to ensure timely pick-ups of articles booked through Click n Book service and requisite steps taken to achieve the monthly booking target of Click n Book service allocated to each Circle.


1. User clicks on Register on Indiapost home.

2. User is redirected to user registration page, user enters the user id and clicks on Check availability,and system displays "The user id is available" in case the id is available.

3. User enters the personal details and contact along with Hint Question and Hint Answer.

4. User may choose to subscribe to SMS Alerts, email-Notifications and e-Newsletter.

5. User reads the terms and conditions by clicking on Terms and Conditions link and accepts the terms and conditions.

6. User enters the captcha as displayed in the image and clicks on register.

7. User is displayed a Registration complete screen. An e-mail with Activation Links and One time

8. User clicks on Activation link. Account Activated screen is displayed to the user.

9. User clicks on Close button and log in using one time password.

10. User is redirected to change password screen where user sets a new password.

11. User is successfully created and logged in.

1. After Registration customer has to click on Click n Book logo

The following screen will appear

Click & Book

User have the option to check here, before login, that the facility of the service is available in the jurisdiction of his pin code or not. On clicking continue button the login page will appear where user haver to enter his login ID and Password.

2. The following screen appears for proceeding further to book an article. Here the user has to enter the sender PIN code and Destination PIN code. User can also click on the “Find PIN code “link to find the PIN code. User has to select the Article Description viz Letter /Parcel, provide weight of the article. In case of parcels volumetric data is to be provided. In case of articles with intrinsic value, the value should be provided. Once the data is provided, click on “Calculate” button

3. Tariff will be calculated and shown. User has to select the service type required viz Registered / Speed post. If the article is to be insured, the check box is to be selected and provide the insured value. Thereafter click on “book Now” button.

4. In the next page user can provide sender/ Address details. The information can also be populated from address book. If more items are to be added, click on “Add More Item” button, else click on next button.

5. Inthe next page the user has to select pickup date and time and click on the next button. Pick up slots will be available from the next working day. After selecting the slot, click on the next button.

6. Details of the transaction will be shown on the next page. If the user wants to edit/ delete an item, please select the check bot against the item and click on “Edit Item” or “Delete Item” as the case may be. To proceed with the booking, the user has to accept the terms and conditions by selecting the check box and then click on “Proceed to Payment” button.

7. The Payment page will be shown and the user has to complete the payment

8. Receipt and Label as shown below will be generated. The customer can take the pint out of the label and paste it on the article. In case the customer is not able to print the label, he/she shall write the transaction ID on left hand side corner of the article and ask the pickup agent to take the print out of the label at post office and paste it on the articles. The article will be collected by the DoP designated agent.

9. In case of any deficiency in postage, the customer will receive an SMS and has to pay the difference by checking the Transaction History after logging on to the India post account. No under payment article will be inducted in the system.

Detailed steps for processing ‘Click n Book’ pickup requests in SAP DPMS


The Online Pick Up View/Scheduling/Re-scheduling screen allows the user to view the Online Pickup requests for articles booked from Portal & assign it to a Beat. The user has to first select the pickup request and assign the beat using “Assign Beat” option.


User has to click on “get data” and then “select all” and “save” .The user can print the manifest by selecting the required article(s) and then click on “Print” option.


User has to click on Confirmation option under Online Pick up. User has to Select Batch ID, Beat ID and click on enter. Pick UP Requests which are assigned to the Beat and pending to be picked are shown in the screen. Click on Confirm, so that the articles are picked up by the Beat.


* For the picked up articles, If weight difference is found then user can enter weight difference through “Update Pickup Extra amount & Actual weight” link present on DPMS transactions and reports screen:

End user to enter the transaction ID and click the execute button.

User has to enter transaction id for which differential entry has to be populated and all the articles linked to that transaction id will appear. The user has to then select the article for which weight changes has to be made and the click

on “execute” button to fetch the data in portal for differential amount.

Hence this data will be fetched in portal for extra amount.


* Once paymentis collected at portal, the user can see confirmation using “Online Pickup and Status report” available present on “DPMS Transactions and Reports”. User has to enter transaction id to see information regarding the amount collected.

STEP 6 : End user can generate Online pick print form from DPMS Transaction & Reports option.

End user to enter the transaction ID or article ID and click on execute button to take print out of the label .

Process Steps for Portal Booked Article (Click & Book) Induction at CSI POS

1. Go to Business Services

2. Select Portal Induction

3. Select Portal Induction Radio Butto

4. Enter the Portal Transaction ID & Hit F8 — Article details will be populated in the screen.

5. Select the article — Article will be added to cart

6. Click payment button and then Confirm-Article Induction will be completed.

7. After Induction, regular process of article bagging & dispatch can be followed.

Salient Features

1. Click N Book service of India Post enables booking of Speed Post (Document and Parcels), Registered articles and Registered Parcels online on India Post Web Page

2. Online Option to perform “Click N Book™ is available on India Post Webpage.

3. This facility is available for registered users only and the users have register themselves before booking of articles

4. Click n Book service has been launched in 1714 pin codes of 28 state capitals, 8 Union territories capitals and 38 other cities.

5. Label, containing sender and addressee details will be printed by the post office for pasting of it on articles. Customer will write the Transaction ID on left side corned of the article. Customer can also take the print out of the label on completion of booking from the Portal itself for pasting it on the article.

6. Articles can be booked up to 5 Kg on each transaction. Flat Pick up charge of Rs. 50 will be charged if the total tariff is less than Rs.500/- Maximum five articles can be booked on each transaction. Free pick up facility will be available if the tariff is more than Rs. 500 on each transaction.

7. Pick-up slot available for the “Same day/Next working day” excluding Local and Gazetted holidays. Customer can select the time slot (10 AM to 1 PM and 1 PM to 4 PM) for pick up. Selection of time slot for pick up from 10 AM to 1 PM will close at 9.30 AM and from 1 PM to 4 PM will close at 12.30 PM. Same day slot will be available if the article is booked before 12.30 PM.

8. Payment to be made through Online Payment Gateway authorized by DoP viz. PayU. MDR [Merchant Discount Rate], if any will be borne by customer. In case of failed transactions payment will be reimbursed by the payment gateway i.e. PayU within 7 days of transaction failure date.

9. There is no cancellation process, therefore, once the article is booked, customer will not be able to cancel the transaction. Alerts in this regard are being generated on various occasion before completion of booking process.

10. Customer can recall the article as per existing rule of recall of articles of the Department.

11. Article with payment due will not be inducted in Point of Sale. In case of any discrepancy in the tariff payment link will be generated and can be viewed in transaction history of the customer. This link will be valid for 24 hrs. only. An SMS will also be sent to the Customer in this regard. If customer refused to pay the underpayment tariff/or failed to pay the payment within 24 hrs. Article will be returned to the customer in the mode of transmission of service for which the article is booked.

12. After induction of fully paid articles in the point of sale rest of the process will be similar to the articles booked at retail counters.

Terms and Conditions

* The customer shall ensure that no prohibited items (as available at is booked.

* Service is available in all state capital and also in Noida, Ghaziabad and Gurgaon {National Capital Region) and article will only be picked up within the jurisdiction of enabled pin codes. Jurisdiction of the pin code decided by the Department will be final.

* The postage will be determined by the actual weight/volumetric weight of the article. In case of any dispute on the chargeable weight/volumetric weight the weight/volumetric weight determined by the post office will prevail and the decision of the Department will be final.

* in case of underpayment of postage, the customer will receive a SMS and email alert for payment of remaining postage. The underpayment, if any can only be paid online through the link provided under transaction history. This link will be valid for 24hrs. only. Thereafter, the link will get disabled and article will be returned to the customer through the service under which the article was booked and the payment already made will not be reimbursed.

* The article will only be inducted in the system on receipt of full payment of due postage.

* No cancellation of booking is allowed after successful completion of transaction. However, customer can recall the article as per existing recall of postal articles rules of the Department.

* Refund for failed/unsuccessful transactions shall be refunded within 7 working days of transaction date.

* Pick-up will not be available on Sunday/Closed Holidays

* The customer shall keep the article packed and ready before the arrival of the representative of the Department at scheduled pick up slot

* Customer shall check the sender and addressee details carefully while booking of article.

* The label containing the sender and addressee details will be printed at the post office. Customer shall write the Transaction ID number on left side corner of the article.

* Customer can also take the print out of address label from the Portal on completion of booking process.

* Department can request for inspection of the contents of the article, if required.

* All articles booked against a transaction ID shall be tendered together to the Representative of the Department at the scheduled time.

* In case the customer is unable to present the articles at the scheduled time due to any reason, the customer shall visit the designated post office for handing over the article/s for induction within 48 hrs. of transaction time Afterwards the article will not be accepted and the payment made, if any, will get forfeited

* Delivery Norms prescribed in Citizen Charter of India Post will also be applicable for the articles booked through Click N Book Service. Transit time will be calculated from the time of induction of article in the system (POs)

* In case of loss/damage/obstruction, if any, the postage amount will be refunded as per the existing rules of India Post.

No: PA/CSI/Click N Book2021:22/ 3753. Government of India Ministry of Communications Department of Posts Dak Bhawan- PA Wing New Delhi-110001 Dated 31th January 2022

Sub: Provisional Standard Accounting Procedure for Click ‘N’ Book Services — reg

A kind reference is invited to the letter No: 20-01/2018-D dated 30/11/2021 regarding Accounting procedure for Click ‘N’ Book Services. This office has communicated one Standard Accounting procedure vide letter No PA/CSI/Click N Book/2021-22/3725 dated 06/01/2022.

2. Based on the comments received from CEPT, discussion on 21/01/2022 and revised SOP received on 25/01/2022, a revised Standard Accounting Procedure is prepared and communicated herewith. The SAP communicated vide letter No PA/CSI/Click N Book/2021- 22/3725 dated 06/01/2022 stand cancelled.

3 Further, it is to intimate that the Accounting Procedure is being sent to DG(F&C) Audit for their concurrence. Heads of Accounts proposed and corresponding GLs shall be incorporated in the SAP once they are created after approval of DG (F&C) Audit and CGA and final Standard Accounting Procedure shall be shared.

4. Comments if any may communicated at the earliest so that the final SAP can be released based on the inputs received.

This issues with the approval of the Competent Authority

Encl:  (S K Pandey) Director (Accounts)


DDG (Mail Business Division ) Dak Bhawan 

Provisional Standard Accounting Procedure for “Click N Book”


India post provides online booking service of domestic registered and speed letters through click and book service. Sansad Marg HO is the nodal office for revenue accounting and reconciliation, as communicated by the Mail Business Division, Postal Directorate.


1 Articles Booked through click & book portal

2 Articles inducted at post offices

3. Settlement entries for articles inducted at post offices successfully

4 Refund entries for cancelled articles (Customer cancelled/Deemed cancelled after a certain time period/ second payment not made when booked short payment in click & book portal collection, if any)


1. Articles booked through click & book portal

a) Customer logs in through Click and Book Service in India Post webpage and pay the charges through Payment gateway, after entering the required details.

2. Articles inducted at post offices

Post Office concerned to ensure that the weight and tariff is correct. (Pick up charges Rs.50/-, is inclusive of GST). On successful booking, automated accounting entries will be posted as:

i) For Registered Articles

ii) For Speed Post articles

C. Settlement entries for articles inducted at post offices successfully

Sansad Marg HPO shall check the MIS reports from Click & Book Portal, PayU —Payment Gateway Portal in connection with the e-booking Collections and compare with bank statements/scrolls to post the following accounting entries

D. Refund entries for cancelled articles (Customer cancelled/Deemed cancelled after a certain time period/ second payment not made when booked short payment in click & book portal, if any)

Sansad Marg HPO shall check the MIS reports from Click & Book Portal, PayU —Payment Gateway Portal in connection with the e-booking Collections and compare with bank statements/scrolls to post the following accounting entries


The following activities shall be carried out by Pick up point post offices, Ensure that tariff paid by customer is correct, if short collection observed in portal booking, second payment link is to be created and communicated to the customer. On getting confirmation of short payment only, articles to be inducted.


The following activities shall be carried out by Nodal Post office,

Ensure proper accounting on daily basis as per accounting procedure.

Ensure that e-booking deposit GL(HOA-844600101990000) is tallied for a day’s

transactions (T+1)

Outstanding balances in e-booking deposit GL(HOA-844600101990000) is to

be cleared within a maximum of T+3 days

Report on number of articles booked and cancelled in portal should be tallied with reports provided by payment gateway service provider. If any discrepancies noted in amount settlement, it is to be taken up with the payment gateway service provider for immediate rectification

Debit entries in the GL code PayuPG Pool Account Suspense -4866103280 (HOA-(866100140350000) is to be tallied by effecting credit entries in the GL code PayuPG Pool Account Suspense -8866103280(HOA-(866100140350000) after confirmation of the amount in the reports from the payment gateway and with reference to bank Scrolls.

Amount received from payment gateway service provider is to be tallied with Bank Scrolls and the same to be reconciled as per existing norms.

Submit a monthly report showing date-wise accounting, to PAO, Delhi


The following activities shall be carried out by Nodal PAO (PAO, Delhi)

Ensure to review the monthly report

Ensure that the credit balance of the GL code -8866103280 is not exceeding the debit balance of the GL -4866103280.

First Level Bank reconciliation is completed in Sansad Marg HPO.


The following activities shall be carried other PAOs than PAO DELHI

° Ensure that no bookings are found in the GL codes 4866103280, 8866103280 and the GL under HOA: 844600101990000, in their Circles.

(S K Pandey)

Director (Accounts)

Bl report of non-serviced articles

» This KPI Shows the number of articles not picked up in time. It shows the data from Circle level to PO level

» Report can be viewed in D-2 {e.g. data of 6™ November can be viewed on 8" November)

» Dis the day of pick up chosen by the customer

» Report can be viewed in Bl tool in “Click N Book” Folder under MNOP folder

Click & Book Report for Serviced & Non-Serviced Articles

Start Date: 01/11/2022 End Date: 15/11/2022

» Second Report is Raw data report which shows the data of barcode numbers {Pan India- Circle Level-Division Level-PO Level)

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