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DOP CSI SAP (DPMS) Direct Access Link | Download DOP CSI SAP (DPMS) Direct Access Link in PDF

DOP CSI SAP (DPMS) Direct Access Link.  

Download DOP CSI SAP (DPMS) Direct Access Link in PDF

Delivery and Postman Management System

DPMS Set Open

Beat EOD

CRM Portal

DOP Employee Portal

 Accountable Mails Individual

 Bag Receive

 Bag Open

Issue To Postman

Postman Return



Article in Deposit

Bag Dispatch

 Print Mail List

 Accountable Mails Bulk

 Bulk Delivery Slip

 Bulk Delivery Return

 Supervisor Approval

 EOD Supervisor Confirmation

 Delayed Confirmation Approval

 Supervisor Approval EMO

 Supervisor Approval-Redirected and Returned eMOs

 Supervisor. Approval EMO bulk

Supervisor Approval (BO)

 Insured Article Verification

 Supervisor Approval

 Insured Bag Verification Approval


 Cash Payment To Postman

 Cash Return From Postman

 Treasury Submit Accounts Postman

 DOP CSI SAP Direct Access Link

 Beat EOD

 EMO Mails Individual

 View/Update Money Order

 Invoice To Postman

 Return From Postman



 CRM Portal

 EMO Mails Bulk

 View/Update Money Order

 Invoice To Postman (Bulk)


 Dop Employee Portal

 Online Pick Up


 View Postman and Beat wise Requests


 Confirmation Handheld

 Window Delivery

 Window Delivery for Accountable Mail

 Window Delivery for Money Order

 Address Verification

 View List

 Assign Beat

 Address Confirmation

 Ordinary Mails

 Issue to Postman

 Postman Returns

 BO Delivery

 Issue Articles to BO

BO Article Returns

 Issue EMO to BO

 EMO Returned For BO

 BO Bag Recieve for RICT

BO Bag Open for RICT

 Issue Articles to BO RICT


 Business Reply & Direct Post

 Electronic Proof Of Delivery

 View/Download EPOST

 Epost Outbound scanning

 Change Bag Status

 Report Article Lost

 Article Discrepancy Report

 Bag Discrepancy Report

 Altering an Opened Bag

 Bag Receive Report

 Expected Workload

 Office Abstract Report

 Epost Delivery Confirmation

 Article Discrepancy

 Article Error Book Entry

 Bag Error Book Entry

Article Discrepancy

 Article Error look Entry

 Bag Error Book Entry


 Undelivered Articles

 EOD BO Undeliverable Articles

 Article in Deposit

 Beat wise Workload

 Address Verification Status

 VPP Article Delivery report

 India Post Home

 Track Consignment


 Consolidated Abstract Report

 Article Discrepancy Report

 Money Order Audit Report

 Appointment Performance Report

 Past Due Time Report

 Expected workload based on Booking

 Expected workload based on bag dispatch

 Day wise Profit Center Balance Report

 Day wise G/L balance

 IM Portal for CSI Password Change (Only Sify Network)

 Enter G/L Account Posting: Header Data

 MIS Portal

 DoP Employee Pay Slip

 Display Warehouse Stocks of Material Place in Storage Material Document


 EMO Bulk Status Report

 EMO Bulk Treasury Report Postbag/Postbox Booking Report

 Bag Tracking

 Article Tracking

 Window Delivery Report

 Change Article Status

 Return Remarks for Bulk Articles 50

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