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SB Order 21/2023: Implementation of facility of resetting of password through OTP in RD Agent Portal

SB Order 21/2023: Implementation of facility of resetting of passrvord through One Time Password (OTP) in RD Agent Portal and mandatory requirement of mobile number of MPKBY Agents & PRSG Leaders - Regarding.

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SB Order No. 21 /2023 No. FS-POSB/l/2023-FS-DOP Govemment of India Ministry of Communications Department of Posts (F.S. Division) Dak Bhawan, New Delhi - 110001  Dated: 03.11.2023 To, All Head of Circles / Regions

At present if any agent using the Agent Portal forgets password or enters incorrect password for 5 times or if any agent does not login in the Agent Portal for more than 90 days, ID gets locked and new password request is then submitted by the agent at linked post office. This request is then sent to CEPT - CBS EOD team through Circle CPC. Post resetting of password, EOD team sends the password to concemed CPC for onward transmission to Agents. This results in delay in receipt of password.

2. In order to avoid the delay in the above said process and to enable agents to reset their password without depending on the post office, functionality for resetting of password through OTP has been deployed in Finacle on 03.11.2023 . Accordingly, all the MPKBY agents and PRSG (Pay Roll Savings Group) Leaders utilizing the DOP Agent Portal for crediting the RD deposits can reset their login password using 'Forgot Password Option' enabled in DOP Agent Portal on their own without depending on the post offices where the agents are linked / authorized to deposit.

3. Agents can utilise the above facility only when the mobile number is available in Agent's Profile. Hence, capturing of mobile number has been made mandatory while creating new agents. Further, in respect of existing agents, mobile number linked with the Commission Credit Account has been updated in the Agents' profile as a one-time measure.

4. As per the process deployed, OTP will be sent to registered mobile number which is available in Agents' profile. If any agent wants to change the mobile number, she / he can approach the post office concemed and get the same updated in the Agent's Profile detail (through HDSAMM menu). If OTP is not received within 180 seconds, Regenerate OTP button will get automatically enabled after the lapse of time.

5. In case of new agents whose Agent ID has been created in EB Admin Portal and password set for the first time, default password will be sent to the Agents through SMS. This password needs to be used for setting new password.

6. It is requested to communicate the deployment of above functionality to all the concemed and the existing process of resetting of Agents' login password through post offices / CPC / CEPT may be discouraged.

7. This is issued with the approval of competent authority.

Yours faithfully (Devender Kumar Sharma) Asst. Director (SB-II)

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