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Mobile bill reimbursement to officers and officials of Post Office (DOP)

Sub: Regarding provision of mobile bill reimbursement to officers and officials in Maharashtra Circle.

Download IP ASP Mobile Bill Reimbursement in PDF

No: Tech-16/Mobile Reimbursement/2012-16 Date 28/11/2023

Chief Postmaster General, Maharashtra Circle has accepted recommendation of high-level committee constituted for mobile reimbursement to officers and officials in Maharashtra Circle is as under:

Sr. No.  Details of Cadre Celling for Amount of reimbursement

JTS/PS.Gr.B/ACAO/Sr.AO/AO/ASPOS/Sr.Manager/MMS/Manager MMS/Deputy Manager/EE/AE/Sr. PM

Rs. 400/-+GST

IPS/PS/AAO/Asstt Manager-MMS/

Rs. 300/-+GST

StenographerGrade-1/Stenographer/Grade-II/System Admin/ME/Staff Car Driver/Care taker/Mail overseer/DO (PLI)/PRI(P)/Sr. Translation officer/ Jr. Translation officer

Rs. 200/-+GST

Further, the following terms are applied for reimbursement of mobile bills.

a. The reimbursement will be limited to calls, sms and data for upto two mobile connections (numbers) or one mobile connection and one broadband/optic fiber/telephone/data card/dongle etc for data connection on the name of the officer/official only.

b. No SIM card will be provided by the office. Officers/Officials may select any service provider as well as prepaid or postpaid plan.

a. The reimbursement will be restricted for local, STD and domestic roaming only, ISD or international calls and roaming will not be reimbursed. International calls and roaming may be claimed under other relevant rules on the subject.

b. The same will be for call, sms and data charges only. Value added services like caller tunes, OTT subscription, platform services with whatever name they may be called and which are billed separately will not be reimbursed.

c. The amount shall be reimbursed on submission of the bill/receipt by the officer.

d. The amount of GST in addition to proposed amount shall be reimbursed only on production of valid GST invoice/bill/receipts along with the GST no. of

e. service provider/vendor. e. The reimbursement will not be admissible in cases of leave (of any nature) and training which are for more than one calender month.

f. The officers below the level of Deputy Secretary covered by the MOF OM No. 24(3)/E.Coord/2018 dated 26/3/2018 above may be allowed the reimbursement as per the said OM. g. The reimbursement be made once in a month of submission of bills.

This order may be implemented from the date of issue. Pending mobile bills, if any may be reimbursed as per this order.

This issues with approval of Chief Postmaster General.

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