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GDS Union (AIGDSU) Periodical Meeting minutes with DG (Postal Services) in G. P. Roy Committee Room.

SR-02/1/2023-SR-DOP(Part-3) Government of India Ministry of Communications Department of Posts (SR Section) Dak Bhawan, Sansad Marg, New Delhi — 110001 Dated: 10/11/2023

Subject: Minutes of the Periodical Meeting held on 19/10/2023 at 10:30 AM with Non-Federated Service Associations and All India Garmin Dak Sevaks Union under the Chairmanship of DG (Postal Services) in G. P. Roy Committee Room.

Please find enclosed copy of minutes on the above subject for your information and necessary action.

Encl.: As above

(Nahar Singh Meena) Assistant Director General (SR & Legal)


1. General Secretary, All India Savings Bank Control Employees Union

2. General Secretary, Postal Officers Association (India)

3. All India Postal Stenographers’ Association

4. All India Postal Engineers’ Assoaciation

5. All India Association of Inspectors and Assistant Superintendents, Posts

6. All India Gramin Dak Sevaks Union

7. All India Association of Supervisor Cadre (Gr. B)

Copy to:

All concerned Divisions for necessary follow up action. Minutes of the Periodical Meeting held on 19.10.2023 with Non-Federated Service Associations and All India Garmin Dak Sevaks Union under the Chairmanship of DG Postal Services.

A Meeting under the Chairmanship of DGPS with Non-Federated Service Associations and All India Gramin Dak Sevaks Union was held on 19.10.2023 in Dak Bhawan, New Delhi. The following officers and representatives of the respective Associations attended the meeting:

Officers of DoP  Representatives of Associations (Sh./Ms.)

1 Member (P) 1 Mukhtiar Singh, President — All India Postal Engineers’ Association

2 DDG (P) 2 Narinder Pal, General Secretary - All India Association of Supervisor Cadre (Gr. B)

3 DDG (Estt.) 3 Balveer Singh, President — All India Association of Supervisor Cadre (Gr. B)

4 DDG (Training) 4 Anjana M — AIPOA (India)

5 CE (Civil) 5 Gurvinder Singh — AIPOA (India)

6 CGM (Parcel) 6 Rajiv Kumar, General Secretary - AIPOA (India)

7 DDG (MO) 7 Jai Kishan - All India Association of 1Ps & ASPs

8 Dir (SPN) 8 Pitabasa Jena, General Secretary — All India

9 Dir (SR & Legal) Association of IPs & ASPs

9 S. S. Mahadevaiah, General Secretary — All India

Gramin Dak Sevaks Union

10 Vijay Sharma, Circle Secretary - All India Gramin Dak Sevaks Union

11 Ram Singh Dhakatt - All India Gramin Dak Sevaks Union

12 M. Harisuthan, General Secretary - AIPSA

13 Sheela, President — AIPSA

14 V. Naveen Kumar, Treasurer - AISBCEU

15 B. Vimala Rani, General Secretary - AISBCEU

2. DDG (P) welcomed all the Participants of Department side and representatives of Associations present in the meeting.

3. DGPS, in his remarks, reiterated the importance of the Department of Posts and the tasks assigned to it along with the expectations by the Government. He remarked the Postal Department, today, is not limited to postal services only, but also is providing other public utility services to the citizens by collaborating with other ministries. The Department has made a commendable contribution in providing financial services to the citizens. The importance of the Department and the works done by it have been appreciated by the Government from time to time.

4. He also informed that more than five thousand, new post offices have been opened across the country. He urged the representatives of the Associations that it is the duty of all of us to maintain this credibility of the department.

5. A presentation was made by DDG (P) on various initiatives by various divisions of the department for the overall welfare of the staff and bringing more transparency. during the last year followed by discussion on agenda items.

6. The representatives of the Associations appreciated the Department for arranging Periodical Meeting and actions taken by the Department during the last year for the welfare of the staff. The Division-wise details of discussions on agenda items along with decision taken is enclosed as Annexure.

The meeting ended with a vote of thanks to all present.

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