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Darpan Android Application (DARPAN 2.0) Latest version 1.0.29 Release Notes

Darpan Android Application (DARPAN 2.0) Latest version 1.0.29 Release Notes:

✅ Day End and BODA Generation:

Users can now seamlessly perform day end operations and generate BODA on the following day.

✅ Substitutes RPLI PLI Rd SB Transactions:

Resolved issues that prevented substitutes from executing RPLI, PLI, Rd, and SB transactions.

✅ Decimal Enabled in CSC:

Decimal functionality has been enabled in CSC, providing enhanced precision for transactions.

✅ GST Integration:

Goods and Services Tax (GST) is now included in RL and PL booking for more accurate financial tracking.

✅ Stamp Balance Duplication:

Addressed and resolved the issue of stamp balance duplication, ensuring accurate balance tracking.

✅ Article Checks:

Enhanced article validation at every stage of article-related processes, including checks for duplicates and barcode validation to ensure data accuracy and reliability.

✅ Master Data Updation:

Master data for account offices has been updated, ensuring the latest and most accurate information.

✅ Data Transmission Check:

Added an option to check whether data has been transmitted successfully in booking reports.

✅ Aadhaar Seeding Enabled:

Users can now seamlessly enable Aadhaar seeding for enhanced authentication and data accuracy.

✅ Login Issue Resolved:

Addressed login issues, such as wrong user credentials and user inactivity, ensuring a smoother user experience.

✅ EMO Number Correction:

Rectified errors related to the Electronic Money Order (EMO) numbers, ensuring they are now 18 digits for accurate identification and processing.

✅ EMO Redirection Facility:

Enabled facility for EMO redirection, providing users with enhanced flexibility in managing Electronic Money Order transactions.

✅ Transaction Pending for Update Issue Resolved:

Addressed and resolved issues related to transactions showing as pending for update. Users can now experience improved reliability in transaction updates.

✅ Logout Option Enabled:

Added the option for users to logout, providing increased flexibility and security by allowing users to log out when the app is not in use. This feature enhances user control over their account access.

Please ensure you have the latest version of Darpan installed to access these improvements.

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