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Clerical Assistance to Sub Divisional Office (SDH) | Strengthening the office of Sub Divisional Inspector Post office

Sub: Regarding strengthening the office of Sub Divisional officer in Bihar Circle.

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DEPARTMENT OF POSTS, INDIA O/o the Cheif Postmaster General, Bihar Circle, Patna 800 001, To, All the SSPOs/SPOs, of Bihar Circle.

No. Estt./Strengthening/Sub Divisional office/2021 Dated: 06.11.2023

With reference to Directorate letter no. Q-25/01/2021-PE-I dated 31.12.2021 on the above cited subject and in order to effectively monitor various activities at Sub-Divisional level and also to strengthen sub Divisional office, the order of the Chief Postmaster General, Bihar Circle, Patna is hereby conveyed for providing clerical assistance to Postal Sub-Divisions under Bihar Circle for following works:

1. Receipt of Daks & Maintenance of Register for reply.

2. All clerical duties for opening, maintenance of PF of Postman, MTS & GDS of Sub Divisions

3. Preparation of drafts in connection with enquiry report, relating to complaints, claims verification and misc. Categories.

4. Maintenance of Records of services for GDS, records relating to Leave, Substitute arrangements, EL/CL bills, NPS, SDBS, Compassionate ground papers etc.

5. Assisting Sub-Divisional Heads by taking reports for pre-inspection activities, Cent Percent verification, past work verification and all preventive check activities from concerned software.

6. Assisting Sub Divisional Heads for monitoring all web based reports including PMA. Nanyatha, MMU etc.

7. Assisting Sub-Divisional heads in conducting melas relating to PLI/RPLI, Aadhar Camps, POSB, IPPB, etc.

8. Assistance Sub-Divisional Heads in monitoring of BO transactions in DARPAN.

9. Assisting Sub-Divisional Heads for all clerical works as required from time to time.

10. Assisting Sub-Divisional Heads in daily performance and achievement of revenue target of POSB/SSA/PLI/RPLI/IPPB etc.

11. Any other work as assigned by Sub-Divisional Heads.

All Divisional Heads of Bihar Circle are hereby requested to redeploy a suitable Postal Assistant (PA) in each Sub-Division under their jurisdiction immediately. The PA should be redeployed from the station, in which the Sub-Divisional office is located or bigger offices or from HO. All Regions/Divisions are directed to submit a compliance report in this regard within 15 days of receipt of this letter. The receipt of this order may kindly be acknowledged.

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