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Swachhata Course on Dak Karmayogi Portal - e- Learning Module of Swachhta

This is in the context of the ongoing Special campaign 3.0 on 100% Saturation of Swachhta across the Post Office Network.

2. To allow all postal employees to reflect on the importance of Swachhta and to help them with a Self-Assessment of implementation of the known practices and habits in their office and life context, PTC Saharanpur and Mission Karmyogi Division has launched an e- Learning Module of Swachhta (Brochure enclosed). The course is now live on iGOT and Dak Karmayogi portal and each one of us can access it through our credentials.

3. The course is in the nature of a toolkit for the relevant priority work of the Department in the next few days. I would request that all Post Office Staff across all levels and layers maybe asked to complete the course in the coming days, latest by 30th October 2023. It would take a total of 60 minutes to go through and complete the course assignment. We will be happy to receive feedback and bring possible additions and improvement in the course for the period ahead.

Thanking you, 

Yours Sincerely,

(Shailendra Kumar Dwivedi)

Government of India Ministry of Communications Department of Posts Dak Bhawan, New Delhi-110001 Shailendra Kumar Dwivedi DDG (PG, QA & 1) Ph. 011-23096087 Email ID: ddgpgq@indiapost.gov.in D.O.No. P G-01/11/2023-PG-DOP  Dated 18th October, 2023

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