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Jamboo Savari 2023 | Mysore Dasara 2023 Procession Live Video,Timings & Place

Jamboo Savari 2023 will be held today on 24th October 2023, Tuesday and Jamboo Savari 2023 Timings will be from 02:00 PM to 05:18 PM of the day.

Jamboo Savari (Dasara Procession) 2023 Timings:

From 02:00 pm – 05:18 pm,

Nandi Dhwaja Pooja, Pushparchane and followed by Jamboo Savari

by Hon’ble Chief Minister of Karnataka

Vijaya Dashami auspicious makara lagna Tithi: Dashami.

Mysore Dasara (Vijaya Dashami) 2023 Live Program Link


Mysore Dasara (Vijaya Dashami Procession) 2023 Live Facebook Link


Dussehra usually means glittering lights, various events, fairs, wrestling, games, business transactions, crowds finally ending with the Jamboosawari & panjina parade. But since the beginning of Dussehra, which has been held for about 414 years, it has been attracting attention with the addition of more than ten programs from the royal glory of the past to the public glory of today.

If you look at what is there in Mysore Dussehra. The greatness of four centuries of history, the greatness of cultural colors. There are changes in the Dasara of Bedagu, a cultural harvest that lasts for nine days, starting from the villages and rising to the height of the global panorama. There are no words to praise Mysore Dussehra. After worshiping the nine avatars of Chamundeshwari, the tenth day "Vijayadashami" crowns the Nada festival.

A celebration from the rich to the poor

People come from all over the world. Dussehra celebrations in the villages reach their peak. If the palace, golden throne, gold and silver vaults and gods are prepared for Nadahabba, people wash the idols of brass and bronze gods and prepare weapons for worship in the alleys of Mysore. Dussehra, which begins with the worship of Mother Chamundeshwari, shines like lightning for those nine days and nights. It adds a new link to the epochs of history, feeding the ecstasy of all, from children to old men, from rich to poor.

Four centuries of history for Dussehra

Along with the historical legend, the original men of the kings of Mysore in 1399 continue this history. Yaduvamsa starts from Hadinad. 'Gandabherunda' becomes the bird emblem. More than 25 Wodeyars ruled the kingdom of Mysore from 1399 to 1970. The erstwhile Mysore province was merged into the republic of the country after independence. After that, the rise of Karnataka will also happen. It is special that only 'Mysore Dussehra' is changing the stage in four centuries of history as the life of the people.

Dussehra celebrations from the palace to the household

Now we are celebrating the 414th Dasara on this year 2023. It is common for people to prepare for tomorrow's Dussehra with Gungi from the last Dussehra. For those who had a simple Dussehra celebration due to Corona, this time Dussehra is a new Dussehra. So people are enjoying the puja festival in celebration. Dussehra celebrations have spread from the palace to the household. After the celebration of Ayudha Puja, people are waiting for the Jamboo ride which takes place on the day of Vijayadashami.

Can't wait to see the jumbo ride (Jamboo Savari)

Those who have passed the palace premises are breathing a sigh of relief, while the rest are waiting on the path from the palace to the Bannimantapa and thinking about watching the Jamboosawari. Until now, all the family members who have been eagerly waiting for the Dussehra of light have their eyes set on the jumbo ride on tomorrow.

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