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Important Instructions for DARPAN 2.0 Operations

Important Instructions for DARPAN 2.0 App Operations 

1. Before giving for OTP check the device has the internet connection.

2. Check the office details and wallet amount in the Device.

3. Only Virtual Bag should be received and all the articles to be scanned and tick mark should appear then give confirm.

4. If in case Bag received manually BO slip entry will appear and properly select the type of article which is Letter/Speed/VPP/COD (special care should be taken while invoicing VP and COD)

5. Location not set issue solved.

6. No cancel or delete MESCOM transaction. So most care should be given while doing E Biller transaction.

7. Don't click twice thrice for one option again and again it will lead duplicate transactions.

8. Transaction update should be done for pending transaction both CBS/PLI

9. High Attention should be given while doing PLI/RPLI Transaction. Select payment mode CASH  don't select cheque.

10. While giving delivery of VPP check the article type and confirm it is invoiced as VPP/VPL/COD

11. Don't give Bulk delivery for VP and COD.

12. Click on Print if any transaction shows  PRINT  option.

13. Generate BODA and Check BODA CB and check wallet balance.

14. Compulsory give PRINT to BODA.

15. Don't do any Manual adjustments by entering in Data Entry. no manual adjustment like RICT device.

Kindly follow these instructions from tomorrow so that there will be less errors. 

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