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Darpan 2.0 (UDAA) Android Application Tips

 Darpan 2.0 (UDAA) Android Application Tips 

It is better to open the bag only after the arrival of virtual data on the day stamps are sent from SO.  If the Virtual Data has arrived, the Stamps will be added to the Stock automatically when the Bag is opened (no need to select each stamp and enter the quantity).  Do not try to open this bag again.  If you try like that, Stamp's stock will go up double/triple.

If the Virtual Data has not come, select the ID of each stamp and enter the quantity.

Just look at the Inventory Reports to see the stamp balance.  Select Product Sale option to make Sale.

Do not hit Liability Amount Fraction amount (Eg: 6500.50) while generating BODA.  Skip Fraction and beat.

Even in the case of virtual data, if the article number is typed instead of scanning through the camera, then when entering the VP/COD articles, the article type should be selected VPL/ VPP/ SP-COD/ BP-COD.  Instead, if you select Normal Letter/Parcel/SP-Inland, Cash will not be entered in the software when the article is delivered.  Scanning is preferred.  The system picks up Article Type automatically while scanning.  So make sure to scan and receive the articles on the morning of the respective day.

Also only AMOUNT will be AUTO-POPULATE while booking VPMO.  The address part will not appear.  So BPMs To Address and From Address should be noted down.

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