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Request for Expression of Interest (REOI) for Public Private Partnership for Operational Management of Parcel Hubs in Assam Postal Circle

Government of India Ministry of Communications Department of Posts Office of the Chief Postmaster General Assam Circle, MeghdootBhawan, Guwahati- 781001 No. PCL/PD/PH/2023-24/Outsourcing  Dated 12.09.2023

Request for Expression of Interest (REOI) for Public Private Partnership for Operational Management of Parcel Hubs in Assam Postal Circle.

Date of issue: 12th September 2023

Last Date of submission of Proposal: 31th October 2023 (1800 hrs)


Parcel business in India has emerged as a dynamic and rapidly evolving industry, reflecting the nation’s exponential growth in e commerce and the increasing demand for efficient logistics service.

The Department of Post has designed Parcel Products as per requirement of customers. They are Speed Post Parcel, Business Parcel, Registered Parcel and Ordinary Parcel. The description of each product viz. Speed Post Parcel, Business Parcel, Registered Parcel and Ordinary Parcel are as available in the India Post website,

To cater to the ever-growing parcel business segment in the country, Parcel Network Optimization Project (PNOP) was undertaken by India Post to streamline DOP’s parcel operations. As a part of project, processes for all parcel products from booking to delivery or return were redesigned. Under this project, Parcel Hubs under two categories i.e, Level-1(L-1) Parcel Hub and Level-2 (L-2) Parcel Hub were created to act as collection & sorting Hubs for onward transmission to delivery office. These offices handle only the parcel products of DoP. These Hubs operate 24 x 7, 365 days including Sundays & Holidays to ensure that the hubs are completely integrated and that there is minimum time in transmission but maximum public satisfaction. These Hubs are connected to a certain number of fixed Post Offices, Booking Centres called mapped offices with whom the exchange takes place. These Hubs are interconnected among themselves through a strong and dedicated road and air transmission network operating 24x7.


1. The following aspects of work are proposed to be outsourced for all 5 Parcel Hubs under the jurisdiction of Assam Circle as under.

Name of Parcel Hub                Category

Guwahati                               L-1 Parcel Hub

Tezpur                                  L-2 Parcel Hub

Jorhat                                   L-2 Parcel Hub

Tinsukia                               L-2 Parcel Hub

Silchar                                 L-2 Parcel Hub

2. Parcel Hub Operation and Management: DoP is interested in exploring a partnership where a Partner can provide his expertise in efficient operating and managing parcel hubs within the jurisdiction of Assam Postal Circle. This would involve streamlining parcel processing and optimizing hub operations within the broader ambit of guidelines framed under PNOP.

3. Processing: The partner in this model will receive, scan and process the Parcels in the five identified Parcel Hubs and ensure transmission to next Hubs as per mapping by the Department of Posts using the DoP’s online platform for processing of parcels as per the SLA to be framed.

4. Transmission: The partner will create, deploy and manage an efficient, speedy and secured transmission mechanism between the 5 Hubs of the State as per the SLA. They may deploy a dedicated fleet of vehicles to ensure that the transmission and delivery timelines are adhered as per the Citizen charter of Indiapost. The transmission of Parcels to Parcel Hubs outside Assam and the Post Offices mapped from these 5 Parcel Hubs will be managed by DoP.

5. Best Industry practices: DOP is committed to enhance delivery efficiency and would like to explore ways in which Partner can assist in implementing industry wide best practices in parcel operations including transmission,

6. Handling of Mails: Faster, efficient and secured handling of Parcels within Hubs based on Service Level Agreement (SLA)

7. IT centric operation: IT centric operation wherein each stage by stage movement of Parcel and Parcel Bags would be ensured. The partner will receive, scan and process the parcels in the 5 Parcel Hubs of Assam Circle and ensure transmission to the next connecting Hub. For a streamlined and efficient processing, approved technology to be used in every stage of processing and transmission ensuring the real time visibility of the parcels in public domain for information of general public and all stake holders.

8. Existing DoP Floor markings for PH (showing different responsibilities of each of the workers, location of equipment etc.) may be preferred for the working space by the Vendor or may be modified as per request of the Vendor without affecting the existing space provided for this purpose.

Expected Outcome:

* All parcels received in the Parcel Hubs should be processed within 24 hours of receipt and dispatched to the connecting hub so as to reach within 6-24 hours depending on the distance. In no case, any mail/ parcel should remain pending at Parcel Hub for more than 24 Hours

* The Partner will operate the Parcel Hubs throughout the day and week (24 x 

* The Partner will ensure the provision for surge manpower whenever there is an increase in the mail volume/ traffic in the Parcel Hub.

* Proper Business Continuity Plan (BCP) which is acceptable to both the parties should be in place to keep the operations running during system breakdown, connectivity issue, natural calamity and Force Majeure.

Mode of submission of the Expression of Interest(EOI):

* The interested parties will submit a detailed proposal against the Request for Expression of Interest (REOI) taking into account the following broad parameters.

* Detail Process Flow highlighting the action plan to process all parcels to be processed and transmitted within 24 hours of receipt.

* Proposed Plan to achieve the desired outcome with an AS IS, TO BE analysis.

* Details of the Present setup with number of staffs working in the company pay roll.

* Details of outsourced model, if any being presently offered to any organization.

* Proposed number of Operation Managers/workforce to be deployed in the Parcel Hubs of DOP.

* Proposed operational timings so as to ensure 24X7 functioning of the Hubs.

* Detail of proposed plan on deployment of fleet for transshipment of Parcel bags from Hub to Hub within the time line.

* In addition, the interested parties are also expected to give a detailed presentation to the Designated Committee as notified under the timeline at Guwahati or through a Video Conference session which should be communicated to DOP in advance by e mail at and to be approved by the competent authority. The number of person allowed to be present during the meeting should be restricted to 3(three).

*  This is an exploratory study. Based on the response and inputs received against the REOI, the department will take further decision on REP,

Who can submit the EOI?

* Interested parties are invited to submit their Expression of Interest (EOI) to the Head Parcel Operation, O/O The Chief Postmaster General, Assam Circle, within the specified timeline.

* To be eligible, interested parties must meet the following criteria:

i) Possess valid registration for similar nature of work or business from the Government.

ii) Should have previous experience of tie ups with other players in the market in similar line.

iii) Should have experienced previously in handling, processing, and transmitting Parcels over the past five years,

iv) Should have Pan India Presence.

v) Should have handled a minimum of 3000- 5000 number of consignments in the Hub per day during the last 5 years.

vi) Should have audited balance sheet for the last 3 years.

vii) Should have Valid GST registration.




Release of REOI

12- September-2023

Last date for submission of REQI

03- October-2023 at 1800 hrs

Mode of submission

In Sealed cover duly superscribed ' Submission of Expression of Interest for Public Private Partnership for Operational Management of Parcel Hubs in Assam Postal Circle”.

Address for submission of the REQI

Head Parcel Operations, O/O The Chief Postmaster General, Assam Circle, Meghdoot Bhawan, Guwahati-781001

Meeting with the interested parties. The interested parties to give a presentation to the Designated Committee on the proposal.

To Be Intimated after the closing date.


Date for Virtual Meeting for interested parties

To be communicated to

Declaimer: This document does not constitute nor should it be interpreted as an offer or invitation for the Public Private Partnership for Operational Management of Parcel Hubs in Assam Postal Circle described herein.

Head Parcel Operations, O/O The Chief Postmaster General, Assam Circle, Guwahati-781001

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