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Repayment of GDS Security Bond Deposited in (NSC, FD, TD Bond, and other Bonds)- regarding

ALL INDIA GRAMIN DAK SEVAKS UNION (AIGDSU) (Central Head Quarter) First Floor. Post Office Bullding, Padamnagar, Delhi 110007 Present - PH Jaswal General Secretary:  Mahadeviaha Fax: 23687701 Ref: No.GDS/CHQ/98/2/2019 Date: 01-09-2023

To, The Director General, Department of Posts,Dak Bhavan, New Delhi —110001,

Subject: Repayment of GDS Security Bond Deposited in (NSC, FD, TD Bond, and other Bonds)- regarding.

Respected sir,

We are writing to bring to your attention an important matter concerning the security bonds deposited by Gramin Dak Sevaks (GDS) in the past. It has come to our knowledge that the Department of Posts has recently ceased the practice of taking security bonds from GDS. In light of this development, we request that prompt action be taken to repay the security bonds that were previously deposited, specifically those held in National Savings Certificates (NSC), Fixed Deposit (FD), Time Deposit (TD) Bonds, and any other applicable bonds.

The security bond has been a long-standing requirement for GDS engagement, aimed at safeguarding the interests of the department. However, with the discontinuation of this practice, it is only fair and just that the security bonds deposited by GDS over the years be repaid to them. It will not only provide financial relief to the GDS but also ensure that their trust in the system is upheld,

We kindly request that you issue clear Instructions ta all units and offices across India, directing them to initiate the process of repaying the security bonds to the concerned GDS. It is crucial that this process is carried out efficiently, transparently, and without any undue delays.

Furthermore, we urge the Department of Posts to devise a transparent and convenient system for the repayment process, This should include clear guidelines on the necessary documentation and procedures to be followed, ensuring that no deserving GDS is left out of this process.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Yours faithfully,

S.S.MAHADEVAIA General Secretary Copy to :- All C.W.C Members, :

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