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IPPB Micro ATM User Guide for Implementation of AePS 2FA (Two-factor Authentication)

IPPB Micro ATM User Guide for Implementation of AePS 2FA (Two-factor Authentication) for DoP End User.

Download IPPB Micro ATM User Guide for Implementation of AePS 2FA in PDF

Features of AePS 2FA (Two-factor Authentication) for DoP End Users

 As per the guidelines by NPCI, 2FA (Two-factor Authentication) has been introduced in order to control frauds during AePS transactions. 

• With the implementation of AePS 2FA, the End Users will have to enable the AePS 2FA everyday by providing their Aadhaar Authentication in the beginning of the day. 

• The Aadhaar Authentication would be visible only when the End User opts for AePS transaction. 

• Aadhaar Authentication will be valid for 24 hours, so the End User needs to provide Aadhaar Authentication again on the next day. 

• We have already Implemented AePS-2FA at IBC platform, with this implementation all mATM users (GDS/Postman) will also be complied with AePS-2FA authentication. 

• One major requirement is that those end users who are initiating AePS transaction must have their own SB account number available and updated in AMS against their AMS ID otherwise their 2FA will fail. Note : All AePS users shall have only e-KYC account for 2FA enablement.

Process and Snapshots for AePS 2FA (Two-factor Authentication) in Micro ATM App.

End User after clicking AePS on mATM shall follow the following Screen flow

Here Account number will be pre-populated from the one available in AMS against the AMS ID of the end user. 

• So If the account number which is available in AMS does not belong to end user, the Authentication will fail and end user cannot proceed with AePS transaction.

Failure Scenarios

In case of biometric mismatch or in case of any other UIDAI decline, end user will receive following error screen. 

End User has 5 attempts every day to complete successful biometric authentication. After 5 wrong attempts, agent can attempt only on the next transaction date. • After 5 unsuccessful attempts, following error screen will appear

Error Scenarios

There is another option for end user to complete Biometric Authentication directly on the main menu without invoking AePS menu.

In case user has already successfully completed 2FA through AePS menu and thereafter trying to complete Bio-auth in the Main Menu, following error will appear. 

Non-eKYC Account Linkage Error Scenario

AMS Linked account of the user has to be an e-KYC account to perform Self Biometric Authentication.

 • Existing users who are having a non-eKYC account linked in AMS shall convert it into a e-KYC account so as to continue performing AePS Transactions after 2FA.

 • Following error will be displayed if 2FA is attempted on a non-eKYC account 

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