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HSRP Vehicle Number Plate Online Registration in Karnataka | Last Date for HSRP is 17.11.2023


As per the Government of Karnataka Notification No.TD 193 TDO 2021, Dated 17-08-2023 and Circular No.CT/RGN-1/PR-434/ 2022-23, Dated 18-08-2023 issued by the Commissioner for Transport and Road Safety, Bangalore, affixation of HIGH SECURITY REGISTRATION PLATES (HSRP) is mandatory on all vehicles (Two & Three wheelers, Light Motor Vehicles, Passenger Cars, Medium & Heavy Commercial Vehicles, Trailer, Tractor etc.,) in the State of Karnataka registered (old /existing vehicles) prior to 1st April 2019.

Process for Flow for affixation of HSRP on old vehicles

1. Visit https://transport.karnataka.gov.in OR www.siam.in and click book HSRP.

2. Choose your Vehicle manufacturer.

3. Fill basic vehicle details.

4. Choose dealer location as per your convenience for affixation of HSRP.

5. Pay HSRP fee online. No payment to be made in cash.

6. An OTP will be sent to the Mobile of vehicle owner.

7. Choose date and time of affixation as per your convenience.

8. Visit any of your vehicle manufacturer / dealer.

9. For affixation of HSRP, may be applied for Office premises / Home location as convenient.

Important points

1. Book your HSRP only through https://transport.karnataka.gov.in OR www.siam.in.

2. Don't affix imitation HSRP / look alike plates / smart number plates such as with fake hologram / IND mark/ INDIA inscribed or engraved from any open market road-side vendors. Those are not HSRP.

3. No transaction in RTO Office such as change of ownership, address, HPA / HPT, fitness etc will be permitted without the affixation of HSRP.

4. No fine for vehicles presenting valid HSRP receipt upto 30 days from the appointment date.

Deadline for HSRP affixation is 17.11.2023. Apply immediately.

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