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GDS Union (AIGDSU) Agenda for Periodical Meeting with Postal Directorate

GDS Union (AIGDSU) Agenda for Periodical Meeting with Postal Directorate:

1. Grant House Rent Allowance (HRA) to GDS working in urban and semi urban areas as per Committee recommendations:- Discuss the recommendations made by the committee regarding House Rent Allowance (HRA) for GDS (Gramin Dak Sevaks) working in XY and Z Class Cities/Towns, as well as BPMs, ABPMs, and Dak Sevaks.- Review and Grant HRA policy and evaluate its adequacy in meeting the housing expenses of employees in urban areas.- Consider the committee recommendations, - Determine the necessary steps and timeline for implementing the recommended changes to the HRA to GDS Staff.

2. Grant/Payment of Electricity's Surge Charge to Branch Post Offices:- Address the issue of the power company charging commercial rates instead of domestic rates for electricity consumption at Branch Post Offices (BOs) across India.- Assess the financial burden Imposed by the surge charges on BPOs and the organization as a whole. Discuss strategies to negotiate with the power company to revert to domestic rates or explore alternative solutions to mitigate the surge charges. Identify any financial support or resources required to address the increased electricity costs at BPMs.

3.Grant combined duty allowance with arrears to GDS Branch Postmasters:- Discuss the proposal te grant combined duty allowance, along with arrears, to GDS Branch Postmasters performing additional duties related to mail delivery and convenience. Define the Criteria for determining eligible Branch Postmasters and the specific tasks included in additional duties. Examine with providing combined duty allowance and arrears. Address any concerns or issues related to uniform recovery and repayment in Karnataka and other Circles.

Old Pending Items

1. Enhancing amount contribution to SDBS.

2. Revision of Circle Welfare fund of Gramin Dak Sevaks.

3. Grant of three time bound financial upgradations.

4. Provision of Medical Facilities to Gramin Dak Sevaks.

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