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DARPAN 2.0 System Admin Assistance for MDM installation, software download, marking of mobile devices supplied by IPPB

Subject: - Regarding DARPAN 2.0 MDM installation, software download, marking of mobile devices supplied by IPPB

1/79396/2023 PB-01/10/2022-PBI-DOP No. PB-01/10/2022-PBI-DOP Government of India Ministry of Communications Department of Posts (PBI Division) Dak Bhawan, New Delhi Dated 04 September 2023

To, All CPMsG

I am directed to state that the process of dispatch of 140000 mobile devices has been started by IPPB to all circles in phase wise manner. IPPB has also issued elaborate instructions to their field teams for time-bound distribution of devices with due coordination of DOP teams at grassroot level.

2. As all mobile devices supplied by IPPB are required to be prepared with MDM installation, software download, marking for specific BOs and so on and IPPB branches has limited manpower, this may cause a bottleneck in expeditious distribution. System Administrators/Managers at post-offices are adept at handling such task and if advised for extending support with additional human resource, the task can be completed in a fraction of time.

3. Therefore, it is requested to kindly issue necessary direction to all System Administrators/Managers deployed at post offices, to assist IPPB team temporarily in device readiness and eventual deployment at BOs for timely completion of the task.

4. This is issued with the approval of DDG (PBI).

Yours faithfully, Signed by Mithilesh Kumar Mandal Date: 04-09-2023 18:19:38 Reason: Approved (Mithilesh Kumar Mandal) Assistant Director General (PBI-II) Tel:23096208/23044794 Copy for information and necessary action to: -

(i) DDG (RB & Plg), Dak Bhawan, New Delhi

(ii) GM CEPT, Bengaluru

(iii) AGM (Distribution-IPPB}, Corporate Office, New Delhi

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